Year End Awards

Join the USEA Area 2 Year End Awards program! Go ahead and have some extra fun in 2013!  Remember this program differs slightly from the National program.  Please tell a friend to join as well, the more applicants to better the prizes!  It’s a good idea to read the rules and review eligibility, how points are calculated, fees, and deadlines. The 2013 Forms and Rules are now available on USEA Area II website under Points and Awards Program - FORMS.   The Points system follows USEA points, so if you participate USEA Area II Junior/YR or Amateur division, you will be awarded upgraded points in accordance to USEA rules, check out the rules!  There are a few additional exemptions to the in Area II three to one in area rule for 2013.

Third Year: For all you TB owners/eventers!  We have again a very generous USEA Area II contributor, Judith Lamb, she is again sponsoring a special TB award (donating a silver plate and beautiful cooler).  If you sign up for the 2013 USEA Area II Year End Awards Program with your TB you are automatically eligible for this Special Award.  A separate points tally will apply for TB's the "smurfs" are equally eligible at all levels (Beginner Novice through Advanced). We will be assigning separate points system from YEA for this Special TB Award - placings 1-6 and assigning points 6-1. We can not thank Judith enough for the very generous sponsorship!

For a mere $20 registration fee you can be part of the fun! (unless you register late than it’s a little more, late fees apply post July 1st)

Forms and information can be found on USEA Area 2 website home page (rightside there is a “button” that will link you to the forms and detailed information)