Year End Awards

Final Score Date: Nov. 26

2023: Area II Year End Awards
The last event of our year - Full Moon Farms fall horse trials - is completed! So now it's time to finalize our year end awards standings.
Scores will be official as of Nov. 26. Now is the time to check your scores and volunteer hours in the spreadsheet. Let us know of any discrepancies you see! Remember, all scores can only come from Area II events (the AEC's are not in Area II). Email Holly at eventhorse at with any questions.
The annual banquet date has not yet been set, stay tuned for location/date.

Update: 2023 Area II Year End Awards! Check your scores now

November 8, 2023:

All 2023 Area II Year End Awards registrants, now is the time to check your scores, re-visit the Area II Year End Award Rules, and sign up for your last chance at the Volunteer Deduction! The last event of the 2023 season is this weekend at Full Moon Farm, Finksburg, MD. Remember, once the results are official at the USEA database, we will take a few days to completely post scores. If you find a discrepancy, it must be brought to our attention BEFORE the end of the 10-day finding period, (as per the rules) which will be posted, but should be on or around Thanksgiving week. A reminder that the Classic and Volunteer deduction of 0.5 each will be applied to those who have earned them as soon as we finalize the score average. (It's a bit problematic to deduct them before all corrections to the official averages are completed.) The spreadsheet will remain LIVE, but a reminder that it will not be FINAL with all deductions, etc., untll the date posted.

Best of luck to all! Spreadsheet | Rules 


Awards Luncheon Wrap-up and Photos

It was fantastic to see all that made the trip to Ashland VA for the awards ceremony even with such limited notice. The weather was great.   The tour of the Randolph-Macon Equestrian Center was well recieved.  Our guest speakers had a wealth of information to share.  Hallway and CFC sponsored the lunch and gave away 3 bags of feed as door prizes.  It was great to have them there.  CDCTA and MCTA also had booth and shared their programs.  I personally am looking forward to some friendly team competitions between the CTAs like the old Gladstone days!  UVA and R-MC provided insights on how to balance riding while at college - which dovetailed will into Leslie Lamb's keynote speach that was given at 9:00am !  The Young Rider and Adult Rider Programs held afternoon planning sessions they worked through lots of ideas for '24 and beyond. 

The photos from the banquet were taken by Shari Lynn Brownlee, Izzy Lenk, and Ashley Zupan.  You can find them all posted on our Area 2 Facebook page!

If you are interested in any of the materials from the session, please contact Chris Donovan and she can send them to you.

This is the second year holding the ceremony since COVID.  The last two years this Awards Ceremony has been the weekend before the Super Bowl.  (2025 would be Saturday February 1st).  They Area Councils want to make this meaningful experience and would like to consider alternative options for the next awards cermony - so please share do share your thoughts on the Awards Luncheon. 

Year End Awards Update - September

Find the Area II Year End Awards score spreadsheet HERE

Registration for year end awards in Area II is not automatic as a part of your membership in the USEA or Young Riders or Adult Riders programs - you have to be signed up. Registration is now finished for the 2023 season.

FYI: Updates on your scores. New this year, our public Google spreadsheet is a great new feature (thanks to Kara Googins and Cheryl Microutsicos!) It allows you to see your scores as we post them - but a reminder that our scoring system is not automated, nor is it connected to the USEA scores. We must input all scores accurately and manually, and in the busiest part of the season, this takes many volunteer hours (about 8 hours right now to go through the whole spreadsheet). We are going to be behind the official USEA results by several weeks, until fall, when we will catch up. We know your scores are important to you, but please don't email asking about updating your own scores. A reminder that, as per the rules, all scores are posted periodically, and will be finalized in the fall following the last 2023 Area II event. RULES

Thanks for checking frequently and supporting the Area II year end awards program!

Area II Year End Awards - May 2023 Update

Registrations are rolling in! Thank you to everyone who has registered so far - don't forget, it's not an automatic signup. If you are already a USEA member, a Young Rider member or Adult Rider member, you must register separately for the Area II Year End Awards. We give lovely trophies in many categories! We have special awards for Irish, Thoroughbred, and Arab/Part-Arab event horses; reward our Master Riders; and give out lots of ribbons!

Link to registration

The fee is just $25 for each horse/rider combination. Please be sure your numbers, etc. are correct, as we can't find you in the USEA results database if a number isn't right and we cannot correct the form post-registration. Many thanks to Kara Googins and Leah Zabarenko for assisting with the spreadsheet set up for score keeping this year! The DEADLINE for registration is August 1, and the fee doubles after. Here are the 2023 Year End Awards rules

We will post the first scores spreadsheet later this week. Please check for errors - if you are not listed but have registered and paid your YEA fee, please send me an email. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The results will be current up to April 21, 2023. We hope to post and update the spreadsheet each month.

YEH/FEH Area II Year End Award Trophies Announced

Attention ALL Young/Future Event Horse Owners and Riders/Handlers!

Announcing YEH/FEH trophy sponsorship

YEH/FEH: Sign up NOW for Year End Awards for Area II

The USEA Area II year end awards program is offering two sponsored trophies in the Future Event Horse of the Year and Young Event Horse of the Year categories for 2022.

The USEA Area II MERLIN MEMORIAL Young Event Horse Championship, sponsored by Dr. Elizabeth Callahan in honor of her horse Merlin (Mighty Magic-Leia/Le Champion). “I’m proud of our US-bred event horses, and will continue to support the Young Event Horse program, and our sport, in whatever ways I can. Merlin participated in both the FEH and the YEH, and this award in his memory is for the top placing Young Event Horse in Area 2.” The 2021 winner was Archelos (Despite the Odds-Sailboat Sally) owned by April Shepherd, and ridden by Rebecca Lee.

Also put in service in 2021 is the Cool Na Grena Future Event Horse trophy, also sponsored by Dr. Elizabeth Callahan, and the winner was Utah Beach (Ulmar Mail-Avalon) owned by Monica Fiss-Burdette. Our thanks and appreciate to Dr. Callahan for her support.

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On The Road: Area II Trophies

irish 2019UPDATE: Holly will take the trophies to FAIR HILL INTERNATIONAL SPRING CCI on Friday, Apr. 15 and Saturday Apr. 16. They will be there at the sponsor tent on top of the hill, near the International Arena (Gallaher Road) approximately late am until late afternoon. We need booth sitters, too! Stop in!

We're taking them on the road! Because we have not been able to show the beautiful Area II trophy collection to everyone due to the restrictions on gatherings the last two years, I would like to bring the trophies out of hiding to show to all Area II eventers. Right now, I plan on displaying them in April at an event in Maryland (details TBA), the Area Championship Horse Trials in October at Loch Moy Farm (Maryland Horse Trials), and looking for help to take them to a southern event this year for display during the season. Everyone should stop by and take a look at the trophies, spend some time with them, and if you were a winner in the past three years, feel free to take a "win" picture with them! More details on the places and times coming soon, check this space and also Area II social media (Usea Area II, Usea Area II - No Ads,and Instagram usea.area2).

2023 Year End Awards: Update 5/18/23

Results are now on the spreadsheet as of Plantation Field, 5/13/23.

Note that some scores are out of order, we are working to fix that.

Link to YEA Scores spreadsheet:  (We no longer count points, the verbage in the links will be fixed once the website is updated later this year.)

Link to Year End Awards registration:

Link to Year End Awards rules pdf:

2023 ScoresTo Date

Scores to Date - Updated automatically

2023 Year End Awards score sheet is linked. Click on the tabs on the bottom for your division. As soon as we enter your scores, this page will update with most current results.

Now is the time to get your Volunteer Deduction! 4 or more hours in Eventing app = .5 deduction in your final score! And don't forget a Classic Three-Day Event completion is also worth a .5 deduction as well. Volunteer deduction will be applied after the LAST Area II recognized event takes place (Full Moon, Nov. 12), but don't wait - Full Moon usually has plenty of volunteers trying to get their hours at the last minute! Consider Virginia and Waredaca, too.

Only THREE Area II events remain in the season! Check your results! Enter before closing date!

Last results updated: 10/15/23 

If you have found a discrepancy, please check your email for your registration receipt. Further queries, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks to our volunteers!

See Scores to Date

2022 Year End Awards Results

2022 Area II Awards of Excellence – Year End Awards

Many thanks to all who participated this year. We appreciate each, and every one of you!

Our Year End awards are based on EXCELLENCE. Your average score, generated from your four best scores over the season, is your final score. Those who volunteer or participate with a completion in a Classic Three-day event will receive bonus deductions. Remember, you must have 3 or more scores to receive a year end award. For complete information on how we calculate year end award standings, please see the Rules linked here.  YEA Rules

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Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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