Area II Patrick McGaughan Memorial Excellence Awards - Updated automatically

As soon as we enter your scores this page will update with most current results. Our new scoring system averages your score and makes note of your best results for an average, rather than points for placings. For more information please see the Competitions/Year End Awards page. Scores are updated periodically, when our volunteers can do it!

Update 10/14/20: Scores are now sorted by number of events, then best average score, on down to those with the fewest number of events attended. Remember, this is about your own personal excellence! At years end a minimum number of events will be calculated; your BEST scores from that number will be used for your average final; and those with more double clear results will be placed above less double clear results.

Good luck, riders! Registration is now closed for 2020. We have just five Area II recognized events left on our schedule this year. Please check back for information on Awards after November 20. We are not having an in person Annual Meeting this year, so we are thinking of how we can virtually award/send/mail awards to winners - if you have a good idea, and can help, please contact Holly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Stephanie Cordell and Codename Toby at MDHT #2 2020

Stephanie Cordell and Codename Toby at MDHT #2 2020


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