Points & Awards Program

Congrats to all the participants in this program in 2009. Watch this area for some information on the riders and their horses/ponies, and how they got here. Have you seen any of them competing this year?  Still missing a few :(

Stay tuned for more.  Here are a few of the 2009 participants.




Rider/Owner Name: Michelle Corbeille, Comus, MD

Horse's Name/nickname: Boo Radley -nickname is Shorty

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam:  6yr/G/Appendix

Rider's bio (age, school, career, family, etc)  Sophomore in Humanities Magnet Program at Poolesville High School, Captain of JV Field Hockey, lives w/Mom, Dad, brother Dru, 13 and 2 dogs, 2 cats, 7 horses.

Rider's previous riding experience:  Seneca Valley Pony Club, competed previously in hunters; does some games, has trained a few ponies.

Horse's experience:  The day after we purchased Shorty, my mom and I were out buying him things, looking at saddles, etc., and when we came home I went to get him in the field, and he was very badly hurt.  Shorty had badly damaged his tendons, tendon sheath, ligaments, and obliterated his bursa.  But after a very long careful recovery a sweet victory came in April at their first comeback HT they won!  Truly a miracle!

Experiences during 2009 competition year  First at SVPC Horse Trials, First at Redland, third place in Area II BN Championships; placed in all BN events, but for one,(my fault, not his)

Plans for 2010: Work on the ever important Dressage, move up to Novice, possibly Training.



Rider/Owner name: Emily Dunn, Rectortown, VA

Horse's Name:Atticus

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam 12 / Gelding / New Zealand Thoroughbred

I am a 17 year old senior at Highland School in Warrenton. I have been riding since I was 8. Atticus was born in New Zealand and came over to be a high-level event horse, but he found that too stressful so now he is with me!



Rider/owner name: Jorgen Olijslager/Nick Olijslager, Basking Ridge, NJ

Horse's Name/nickname: Tally

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 13/G/Pony-mix (and I'm 13 too!)

Tally loves snacks 24/7… shared with two sisters (Usually nicely! But not always!) Tally has 3 personalities: very quiet for youngest sister (9) & fun First level dressage pony for older sister (15) and for Jorgen loves to put in a buck every now and than on xc! Don’t touch my left ear! After injury in September 2008 Tally had a 4 month holiday (which he enjoyed!)… moving up to Novice, but we still have some work to do!




Rider/owner name: Gretchen Creesy/Chuck and Gretchen Creesy, Princeton, NJ

Horse name/nickname: Tigerlily/Lily

Age/sex/breed: 9/M/TBx

Our girl’s name was Lily when we got her. Because we live in Princeton and have connections to the University, we thought she should be Tigerlily—hence the orange and black accents. Lily was everything I wasn’t looking for—small, young, and female—but she was and is everything I wanted in my first-ever horse: an elegant, willing, and brave companion who continues to delight me, teach me, and take me places I never thought I could go.




Rider/Owner names: Suzanne Sakai Musgrave, Marshall, VA/Kathy Turnbull, Orlando, FL

Horse's Name/nickname: Argamak/Mak

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 12/G/TB/Ocean Crest/Prosperity Found

Owns Deerfield Eventing training facility in Marshall, VA with husband/trainer Aynsley Musgrave, and has a “day job” managing a non-profit foundation. Spent the last 20 years training kids and adult amateurs in dressage, eventing and hunters/jumpers.

Mak is a racetrack reject from Lazy Lane Farm in Upperville, VA. He started his eventing training last summer, and showed promise with his first dressage score at Rubicon (23.5). Will do anything for raisins.



Rider/Owner’s Name: Heather Coyne, Feasterville, PA

Horse:  Manta's Reward (Manta)

Horse Info: 17 year old, 16 hand, bay, OTTB gelding

Horse Quirks:  He has "Earphobia" and getting the bridle on can be a treat at events=D

My Experience:  My second year eventing and there's lots to learn!!

Manta's Experience:  He raced 10 years and hung out for 3, then I found him at 15!  We have been learning together ever since!
2010:  Hope to go to AEC's!




Rider/Owner name: Tracy Stroschein, Mohnton, PA
Horse's Name/nickname: Southern Raised/Skyy - as in the Vodka

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 5/G/OTTB

Horse's experience: pretty much nothing other than the track
Horse's quirks, favorite treats, tricks etc: he has an annoying track habit of shaking his head in the manner of cribbing but never chews or destroys anything
Thank you Danny Warrington and Jane Beck on call trainers and Jane Beck for selling me this lovely facility I have to call my own.  My husband for boringly sitting around horse shows with nothing to do except wait hand and foot on me – although I've recently released him from this task since Skyy is now fairly manageable at shows so I can go alone!
Experiences during 2009 competition year: hmmm...so worried about stadium going well (which it went almost perfect) that i forgot where to go on x-c (the easy part for us) at radnor and managed to eliminate myself - that's a new one for me on the list of "one thousand ways to get eliminated at an event" !
Plans for 2010? Plan to make the move to training part way through the year after we sort out both of our issues and can fall asleep doing novice - oh and drops into water - his achilles heel!  He can be a raving maniac for the most part on x-c but we need to fine tune some focus and control issues…




Rider/Owner’s name:  Nicole Doolittle, Charlotte, NC

Horse's Name/nickname: Copper Delight / Clover

Age/Height/Sex/Breed: 8/13.2 hand/M/Paint Pony

I am 12 years old and am in 6th grade at Charlotte Country Day School.   I have been Eventing for about 3 years.  This is Clover's 2nd year in Eventing.  Clover is quite a mare with attitude!! She loves skittles and Mrs. Pasture's cookies.

I would like to thank my family for all of their support.  I would also like to thank my trainer Rebecca Howard.  I would also like to thank Karen and David O'Connor for their coaching and training.

It was a great year. I had the chance to compete at a lot of great places including the AECs and the Area II Novice Championships at Waredaca.

Plans for 2010? I plan to move up to Training level in January with Clover and also start riding my mother's horse, Princess Grayce, at Training level.



Rider/Owner’s name: Marissa Hughes, Nottingham, PA
Horse's Name/nickname: Ode (pronounced Odie)
Age/Sex/Breed: 7/G/Registered Tobiano Paint

Marissa is 15 years old (16 in November) and is in 10th grade at Westtown Friends School in Westtown, PA. Marissa lives with her parents, four dogs, 5 cats, her first pony Midnight, Ode and a miniature donkey that keeps order around their family farm.
When Marissa purchased Ode two years ago, he had previously been used as a Western Trail Horse and had shown just a few times in local hunter schooling shows. Marissa and Ode have literally started from square one and have worked extremely hard day in and day out to improve.
When we first brought Ode home, he didn't like many treats - that didn't last long - now he tries to steal them out of our pockets and we have to hide them when travelling to shows so that he doesn't rip the bags open to pig out! His favorites are peppermint treats that stain everything red, of course!

Big thank you's to Mary Grace of Practical Dressage and Eventing for all of her guidance, coaching, friendship and laughs throughout the last three years and for being there to answer every little question along the way! Also, many, many thanks go to Pam Weidemann for her skillful coaching and advice during the past year. A special note of thanks to Bonnie Mosser for holding a clinic for the YRAP riders this year - it was well worth the long trip!!!

The most memorable Horse Trial of the year was Plantation Field in early Spring - it poured buckets and everyone had to get pulled out of the parking area at the end of the day. All that hard work braiding and shampooing the night before didn't mean a thing by the time we made it in front of the Dressage Judge that day since we were both completely covered in mud from head to hoof!




Rider/Owner name: Lisa Warnock, Hagerstown, MD

Horse's Name/nickname: Constant Sorrow (Connor)

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 7/G/17h/OTTB, by Danish Gold out of Jake's Salute (by Salutely)

Rider's previous riding experience:  I started eventing in 2006; before that I did the A/A jumpers

Horse's experience: Connor is an OTTB that was raised, raced and retrained by his previous owner.  She evented him a few times before she sold him through Professional Auction Service at the fall VA Sport Horse Auction.  I went to the auction at FPP with the intention of buying Connor and I am so glad I did :).

Connor is not a pet- he hates to be loved (although I can sneak a kiss occasionally), is 100% attitude and thinks he is all that.  He grunts loudly whenever I reprimand him and he has the cutest mule ears.

Thanks to my trainer, Katie Wherley, for everything.

Plans for 2010: T3DE???????????????



Rider/Owner’s name: Heidi Brueckner, Owings Mills, MD

Horse's Name/nickname: Inquisitive "Q"

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 8/TB/G, by Nightsong Quay out of Tea Time Tassie

Rider's previous riding experience: hunters and equitation since age 4, just began eventing in 2006

Horse's experience: 11 starts on the track, then went to Heidi at age of 6

Eats anything and everything, sticks his nose into everything

Big thanks to my trainers Michael Friedman and Leslie Law, and the ultimate horseshow-mom/groom/assistant, Rita Brueckner!

Experiences during 2009 competition year: finally got past series of injuries and began competing at recognized events this year, went to four horse trials (so far), placing 10th, 4th, 2nd and 1st!

Plans for 2010 - keep improving our dressage, hope to move up to Training in Spring



Rider/Owner’s name: Anne Beech, Hillsborough, NC

Horse's Name/nickname: Merlot/Twinkletoes/Buttercup/His Nibs/unsuitable for publication

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 9/G/TB/Volochine (IRE)/Vadinfidra (FR)

Rider's bio: Pres. WW,Inc., Husband Jim (Mr. September), 3 house cats

Rider's previous riding experience: Rode H/J as a kid then 30 year hiatus (bad idea for riding skills).  Low level eventing on and off since 2002.

Horse's experience: Novice eventing when sound.  R&R when not.

Merlot is a horse of a lifetime both in terms of personality and talent.  His list of quirks is a mile long.  Most are amusing some not so much!  He would kill or die for an Oats & Honey granola bar.

Big thank you’s to all the AR2ers who have been so supportive both in our highs and our seemingly endless soundness woes.

Experiences during 2009 competition year: I finally managed to ride multiple stadium rounds without imitating a baboon - yippee!  I took us over the wrong fence XC sacrificing 1st place in the division and the Nunn Finner Championship - idiot operator!  Now I take notes XC (being ancient sucks).

Plans for 2010: If Merlot remains sound for more than 5 minutes at a time we'll debut at Training.




Rider/Owner’s name: Morgan Douglas

Horse's Name/Nickname: Above the West (Westie)


Rider's bio: I am 17 years old and attend Southern Lee High school in Sanford, NC. I work at a hunter jumper barn in Southern Pines part time. I live on a farm with my parents, brother, and sister.  I have been riding all of my life, competed successfully through training level with previous horse and schooled preliminary.

Horse's experience: Through training level as well as success through First level in the dressage arena.

Horse's quirks: Cribber, escape artist, opens stall doors if they don’t have snap hooks and has been known to untie himself from the trailer at shows to steal the neighbor's hay. If you don’t feed him right on time, you hear about it.



Rider/owner name:  Cherie Chauvin, Silver Spring, MD

Horse's Name/nickname:  Katchi Kapshi ("Katchi") - his name is Korean and is roughly translated as "we go together"

Age/Sex/Breed: 8/G/OTTB

Rider's previous riding experience - As a young rider (15 years ago!), I competed through preliminary and completed a One-Star long format at the 1994 Young Riders Championships.   After a long break from horse ownership and competition, I've had a pretty amazing return to eventing with a pretty amazing horse!

Horse's experience - Katchi did his first BN event last fall, and moved up to Training level mid-way through this year.  So much for year-end points at Novice, but his ribbons at Training level will do just fine! :)

Horse's quirks, favorite treats, tricks etc: Have you ever met a horse who loves oranges, bananas, pears, pineapple - and best of all - peppermints?!?!  Katchi is one special horse - he makes me laugh every day!

Thanks to the Area II Adult Riders for awarding us one of their 2009 scholarships!




Rider/Owner’s name: Andy Amato, Sykesville, MD

Horse's Name: Aiden’s Epic

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 5/mare/TBX/Epic Leap/Night Magic

Rider's bio: Funeral Director

Rider's previous riding experience: Ridden through preliminary

Horse's experience: Recently moved up to Training Level

Her favorite treat is an apple fritter from 7-11

Thank you to Pat Bewley of Catoctin Sport Horses and Lynn Paxton for all of their support in Aiden’s Successful career

Experiences during 2009 competition year: Finished 1st at Longleaf HT in Southern Pines and 2nd at Waredaca.  And recently had a successful move up to training level at Morven Park finishing on their Dressage score

Plans for 2010: Continue to compete at training level with a possible bump up to preliminary in




Rider/Owner: Erika González/Erika and Lisa González, Germantown, MD

Horse’s Name/Nickname: Copper Dancer aka “George”

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 9/G/TB/related to Northern Dancer

George is quite the character. He is the boss in his field of 8 geldings and that is the way he likes it. He will literally grab the tails of other horses for fun and get all the horses running, almost like he has a sense of humor. He is a big teddy bear and a lap dog in disguise.



Rider/Owner’ name: Bethany Myers, Laurel DE

Horses Name/Nickname: A Midday Star, “Ester” which is Hebrew for Star

Age/Breed/Sex/Sire/Dam/: 10/ISH/M by Brandenburg’s Windstar

I am 17 years old and I am currently a senior in high school, I’ve been home schooled since 3rd grade and I love it because it gives me more time with the horses. I’ve been riding since I was 5, I started off in hunters and continued with that until I was 12. I am a C2 member of Small Wonder Pony Club in Lewes, DE. At 12 I was introduced to dressage and from there eventing, I’ve been doing it ever since.

Ester was 7 when we bought her and had done a few events at the Novice level so we have had fun learning together. This was our first year doing 2nd level in dressage and she seems to be enjoying it,

Ester is most definitely the boss at our farm, she loves chasing our ponies around and pretending to be a Lipizzaner (the ponies usually aren’t impressed). She has a huge heart and tons of game, she’ll jump just about anything you point her towards.

Next year I plan to compete at the Prelim level eventing and dressage at 2nd level. Also I’d like to get my C3 rating with USPC.

Big thanks to my trainers Dawn Beach, Kim Briele, and Becky Langwost!



Rider name: Jamie Doolittle

Horse's Names/nicknames: A Dream Come True / Maggie & Princess Grayce / Grayce

Age/Sex/Breed:  Maggie -11/TB/M & Grayce – 12/Arabian-Trakehner/M

Owner's name & hometown - Maggie-Jamie Doolittle, Grayce-Suzanne Doolittle, Matthews, NC

I am 14 years old and currently a Freshman at Charlotte Country Day School

I have been an Eventer for about 2 1/2 years and competed on both horses at Training level this year.   Both of my horses love Mrs. Pasture's Cookies.

I would like to thank my family for their support-especially my Mom.  I would also like to thank my trainer and coaches Rebecca Howard and David and Karen O'Connor.  Also, I had the chance to volunteer at a Horse Trial this fall which gave me the chance to see some of the incredible amount of time and work that is put into running these Events. I would very much like to thank the organizers, sponsors and volunteers that put all of these together for us season after season!!

Experiences during 2009 competition year -  It was a great, fun year.  I was very fortunate and recently won the Horse Trials at the Ark and the Training Three Day at Waredaca on Maggie.  The T3D was a fantastic experience.  Earlier in the season I also finished first on Grayce at the Virginia Horse Trials and at Southern Pines.  I was also lucky enough to compete at the AECs on both horses.

Plans for 2010? I am moving up to Preliminary level with Maggie and my new horse Spotty.  I would like to make the Area I I  1 - Star Young Rider Team.




Rider/owner name: Nick Olijslager, Basking Ridge, NJ

Horse's Name/nickname: Inspired aka Dino

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 10/G/ISH

You can play the drums on his cheeks… he’s always looking for a snack (but refuses them while waiting in the trailer before cross country.  Hates baths (and he’s a gray!) and prefers to be totally muddy but did win cleanest gray with oldest daughter at Region 1 dressage junior team championships, go figure!  We obtained our USEA Gold Achievement medal at Training level this year.

Thanks to trainers Heather Mason (attempts to teach us dressage) and Clarissa Wilmerding (got us into the water)!  Goal: have more safe fun out there!



Rider/Owner name: Mary Clare
Horse’s name/Nickname: Eragon/Dino

Age/Sex/Breed: 6/G/Hanoverian

I've owned him for 2.5 years
I am a recovery room nurse in Williamsburg, Virginiaa
I've competed OI but Dino has only done Training so far!
Prelim, next year!




Rider/Owner name: Holly Covey, Greenwood, DE

Horse's Name/nickname: Rugby

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 12/G/TB, by Proud Truth

Doesn't like treats very much, will eat carrots

I have been eventing since the 70s in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and a few other spots (including British Columbia in Canada) before moving to the east coast and beginning all over again about 16 years ago. Rugby is a failed racehorse I bought as a 4-year-old, and "made" myself. Phillip Dutton calls him the "master of the short one" as he can get in and jump me out of any mistake I make. He went to the AEC's at Novice the last year they were at Carolina Horse Park, was previously reserve champion in Area II at novice level, and last year was 4th in the area for Training level. We together obtained our USEA Silver Achievement medal at Training level this year. He is one of the best horses I have ever owned and if he never went to another event or lesson would still be much loved and respected around our farm! Much of the credit for this year's success must be given to Mogie Bearden-Muller, who moved to Centreville, MD. and thus within an hour's ship for me -- so I was able finally to get some good regular instruction. Also, Rugby began foxhunting last winter for the first time and was a star, and I would like to credit Wicomico Hunt for helping me keep both of us in shape over the winter while riding at home in Delaware. Rugby has been putting up with me for a long time and hopefully he can put up with me at Preliminary next year, God and Mogie willing, and the crick don't rise.



Rider/ Owner’s name: Tara Ziegler/ Alice Morse, Chester Springs, PA

Horse's Name: Babu's Flying Finsh (aka Alex) was bred by his owner Alice Morse and foaled on her farm in Chester Springs, PA. Alex is by Forfeit out of Sage Babu (Bronze Babu) whom Alice evented extensively although not above Training Level due to a serious injury early in her career.

Alex was backed by Keith Taylor and spent two years at "boarding school" with Karen Karkow. By 2004 Alice was doing dressage exclusively, working with Joanne Coleman. Emily O'Neill took over the ride on Alex in May of 2007. By then it was apparent that Alex at almost 17 hands was not a very good fit for a vertically challenged Alice and that he really would rather jump. So in September of that year he went to Kim and Tara Ziegler to be trained as an event horse and sold. He consistently placed very well in dressage and usually went clean in show jumping but having never been ridden cross country he often looked a bit too long before jumping a ditch or bank, or into water. By the Winter of 2009 all the carefull training was beginning to pay off. Alex and Tara won two Training events and placed in two others before Tara went on maternity leave. Kim did some Novice events with him  over the Summer and with the arrival of Lucia Marie, Tara is now back in the saddle. She expects to have Alex going Prelim in 1910 unless the right match comes along and wants to buy him. Athough Alex is now 13 there is every reason to believe that he still has a long career ahead of him. He is the "baby" of Alice's horses, the oldest being Ted E. Bear bought from Kim 20 years ago. Last year, at 24, Bear was 6th nationally in the USDF Silver Stirrup Awards at Fourth Level and he is still competing. Tara has completed Fair Hill and Rolex Kentucky on her horse Buckingham Place.

I would like to thank Alice for the opportunity to compete Alex(Babus flying finish),  he may not always be an angel but Ive never ridden a horse so enthusiastic to compete.  He loves  going places with a lot of action and watching, its like you've turned on his favorite tv show.  He is older but hasnt done much and is quite talented and I would love to see how far he can go if he doesnt get sold.

As for me, I work with my mother with her horse business, training and selling all types of horses (www.zieglereventing.com).  I am 25 and have had a busy but wonderful year.  I wintered in Aiken with my mother, moved Alex up to training, completed Rolex 4 star, went on a cruise with my grandmother to the holy land, got married and had a baby!  Being pregnant gave me the time to teach/coach a lot more and I hope to continue, especially with the local pony clubbers.   I hope to get back into competing next spring, with Alex, my homebred 4 year old and my advanced horse.  It depends on how many volunteers I have to babysit!



Rider/Owner name: Yvonne Lucas, Berryville, VA

Horse's Name/nickname: Twist of Fate/Tweedle

Age/Sex/Breed: 12/G/Oldenburg

Rider's previous riding experience: Through CCI***.

Horse's experience: Through Training level HT.

Horse's quirks, favorite treats, tricks etc    Can open just about any latch, even with a snap, and will not let the others out. Will eat just about anything.

Known as Tweedle - sometimes "Dee", sometimes "Dum". An amazing jumper, but a "chicken".

Experiences during 2009 competition year: Realizing that as much as I can get into a horse's head, I can't fix everything. Learning to let the horse go to where it would be happier.  Tweedle will be sold to a dressage rider who will love him and keep him safe, and give him a job he can depend on.




Rider/Owner’s Names: Lydia Ferber/Pam Ferber

Horse name/nickname: Sam Hooligan (Sam)

Height/age/breed: 16.2h/10yr/TB/G

Horse info:  Sam is a character and definitely a barn favorite.  Before I bought Sam he had competed through the one star level and was the perfect partner for me to learn the ropes with.

Rider: I am a 19yr college freshman (WCU) from West Chester PA.  I was lucky enough to home school my last three years of high school which allowed me to travel and be a working student during the winter months in Aiken SC. While working for Heidi White Carty in the winter of 2007, I bought Sam from Craig Thompson.  Since then Sam and I have moved up from Training to intermediate together. He has been my go to guy and this past season all the pieces seemed to fall into place. It’s great to have a partner that I can go out, be safe, and have fun on.

I currently do not have any future plans with Sam, my dream would have been to aim for one of the spring two stars, but he is regretfully for sale due to my starting college. I do however hope to purchase a young prospect over the winter to being working with.

I would like to say huge THANK YOU to my parents, who have always been there for me; and to Boyd Martin, who since day one of working with has made me a better rider.



Rider/owner : Nina Ligon

Horse’s Name/Nickname: Chai Thai (Chai)

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 8/G/Dutch Warmblood/ Selle Francais Bay

Came over from England and his previous owner, Kelli Temple, brought him up through Training and did 2 Prelims on him

He is super nosy and loves attention. He likes to chew on EVERYTHING and have his über soft muzzle played with (you can lead him in from the pasture just by tugging on his nostrils). As for treats, he will eat just about anything but he especially likes peppermints. He likes to slap his feet when he walks, which I think is cute, but the dressage judges don't agree.

We chose "Chai Thai" because it has multiple meanings in Thai depending on how it is pronounced. It can mean both "Thai Victory" or "Little Thai Prince". We liked it b/c it was rooted in Thai, but people would still be able to pronounce it.



Horse’s Name/Nickname: He's A Star (Bing)

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 9/G/Irish Sport Horse Gray

Started out as a hunter before competing at was competing at Prelim when I bought him from Mogie Bearden Muller. As a gray, his face is always itchy and he will take any chance he can get to rub against you. People tell me he looks like Unicorn Barbie because of his long forelock which is a pain to braid. He can be picky about treats, and prefers the usual apples, carrots, cookies, and mints, but nothing too exotic. He got his barn name from the "Bada Bing", a fictional go-go bar in the show, The Sopranos... we were not the ones who named him.



Photo credit to GRC Photography


Rider/Owner’s Name: Mardi Herman, Darlington, MD

Horse’s Name: Zoe

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam:  14/TB/M. She is by Rambler Red out of Phoebe's Waltz by Journalist.

She is a real homebred as we bred her here at Red Oak Farm as well as her parents and grandparents. Her grandmother Be Bop was my first thoroughbred. Eventually I hope to breed Zoe. Zoe has evented through prelim level and completed a 1* last year at Morven. She has really been a fun horse to compete as she loves cross-country and is brave and consistent. She also loves treats. Her current passion is ginger snaps but she will try almost anything. She has to wear a muzzle during the eventing season or she gets way too fat!
I began eventing when I turned 50 and my youngest child left for college. Before that I was very involved with our local pony club. I break and train horses for the track which helps me stay fit but makes for a very busy day. Both of my daughters have evented and my oldest, Eliza competes with me in the training division.
I'd like to thank my trainer Sally Cousins for all her patience and help this year and also my dressage instructor, Phoebe Devoe. Kim Meier continues to help me with her wisdom and Nancy Verzi helps me with my youngsters. Above all, I'd like to thank my long suffering family who put up with my eventing antics




Rider/Owner: DeAnna Hines, Leesburg, VA

Horse’s Name/Nickname: San Marco/Marco

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam - 7/G/TB

Marco loves peppermints!

Thank you to Paul Ebersole who continues to be such a wonderful coach and friend.  If he didn't work around my work schedule I don't think competing would be possible for me.

Previous riding experience - Have competed through Advanced.  Competed at Rolex in 1994 and 1996, Fair Hill 1994 and 1995.  In 1994 was USEA Young Rider of the Year.  1994 was FEI Land Rover Global Young Rider and New Comer champion.  Now I just ride for fun.




Rider/Owner name: Yvonne Lucas, Berryville, VA

Horse's Name: Dakota

Age/Sex/Breed: 15-20/G/unknown

Rider's previous riding experience: Through CCI***.

Horse's experience: Through CCI ** and Advanced HT.

Horse's quirks, favorite treats, tricks etc: Sir David Niven on the ground, Vin Diesel over fences!! Loves ginger snaps. Ground ties.

Thank you Jim Wofford for everything!

Experiences during 2009 competition year: Realizing both of us are getting a little older!

Plans for 2010? I'll let Dakota dictate the level and frequency of our outings.




Rider/Owner Names: Laura Roberts/Tricia Roberts, Herndon, VA
Horse name/Nickname: Galway Blazer/"Blazer"
Age/Breed: 13/Connemara x TB Sire: Grange Finn Sparrow
Senior at Oakton High School
I have been eventing since I was around 10 and have been riding since I could sit on a  horse.  - Blazer was previously competed by Wendy Lewis through Advanced.  Blazer loves to be spoiled and go on hacks but hates to get a bath!
In 2009 Blazer and I competed with Area II in the NAJYRC CCI* and won the team and individual gold and moved up to Intermediate in the fall, winning the YOI division at Plantation. The last two years with him have been indescribable. He's such a cool horse that has taught me so much and given me so many opportunities that I will never be able to replace.  In 2010 I plan on graduating high school, going to college, and I hope to compete in the NAJYRC CCI** with Blazer.




Rider/Owner name: Erica Davis, Germantown, MD

Horse's Name/nickname: The SHAQ ATTACK

Age/Sex/Breed/Sire/Dam: 16/G/Big Spruce/ Wish Giver

Horse's quirks - Strikes out when he passes the dressage judge & tries to jump out of start box

Thank you to my trainers- Sharon White and Natalie Hollis and my Aunt Grace for her support that allow me to compete. Thank you to SHAQ- a horse of a life time.