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What is the basic difference between YRAP and NAJYRC?

There are a number of differences that are explained in the text. But the main difference is that the NAJYRC is for riders who will be competing at the CCI* or CCI** levels in the current year and plan to vie for a spot on the area 2 team. YRAP is meant for young riders who are developing their skills, want to work with other young riders at their skill level, and possibly rise to the NAJYRC program in the future.

Am I allowed to participate in both the NAJYRC and YRAP tracks?

Anyone who is under 21 can participate in YRAP. However to participate on the NAJYRC track you need to be turning at least 14 years old this year and competing at the Preliminary level. To participate in NAJYRC you must join the USEA Young Riders Program. However, YRAP members can participate in some NAJYRC activities (such as clinics), if space permits.  Riders in the NAJYRC track may participate in YRAP activities. So the answer to this is an unqualified yes if you are eligible for NAJYRC track.

If my preliminary horse gets hurt may I participate in YRAP activities?

Yes, even if he was not hurt you would be eligible to participate in YRAP activities.

May I participate in YRAP activities if I am not a member of the Area 2 YRAP track?

While we do not require membership, it is strongly encouraged so that you can be informed of all our activities and there are surcharges for non-members. Remember that the cost of membership is only $50 year if you are competing at Training Level or below.

What is the purpose of the YRAP Pilot Project?

The goal of this program is to provide continuity in ones training and participate on a team at the Waredaca fall 3-Day at Novice and Training. This is an experimental program in 2013 and is seen partly as a good introduction for those who would like to participate in the NAJYRC in the future.

Is the YRAP Pilot program part of YRAP?

While you do not need to be an YRAP member to participate in the Pilot program it is highly recommended.

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