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The committee that selected Sinead Halpin as the Area 2 NAJYRC coach felt that we should have coaches for YRAP and recommended Lynn Symansky and Skyeler Icke-Voss. The Area 2 Council approved a new YRAP pilot program with Lynn and Skyler as the YRAP coaches based on a program they submitted to the Council. They have planned a full year of training with a goal of team competitions at the Waredaca Nov/Train 3-Day. This program will be self-funded the first year, financed by combined tests run at Morningside Training Farm and supplemented by participation fees at clinics/camps. At the USEA annual meeting, the NAJYRC coordinators saw this as well structured, and a great feeder program for future NAJYRC riders. David O’Connor also praised this pilot program as it fits in well with the new Advancing Riders program he is helping to develop. Go to the YRAP area on the Area 2 webpage to read about this exciting new program. They are having their first YRAP clinic Jan 5-6.

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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