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PRO logoPRO is offering this year 4 scholarships to Training Level Riders as they did last year.  This is a great opportunity to learn what it takes to be a professional in this sport.  If you are riding Training Level and have plans on making eventing your life; please consider this opportunity.

The purpose of the PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarship will be to spot upcoming talent, based on set criteria and provide an opportunity to train in a PRO rider’s high performance program, with minimal financial burden, for one week. The goal of the program is to encourage training level junior and young riders to strive to become more competent earlier in their careers, by offering them an attainable and very attractive goal. Ultimately, PRO would like it to help feed talent into the broader picture of future USET riders.

Membership in PRO costs $50.   Even if you don't win, the opportunity to compete for the scholarship and get the PRO's opinion scorecard, can be a very valueable asset in shaping your development program.  Think of it as paying $50, to get observed by a PRO at one or more of the events below. To learn more go to: http://www.professionalriders.org/jr_scholarship.htm.

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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