yrap-logoI look forward to providing you a program of activities you would want. We are in ithe middle of planning 2012's activities so now is the perfect time to tell me what you would like to ensure I have on the schedule.

Here is where we are so far with the YRAP (BN - Training) Program List for 2012.

Overnight Camps

  • NC early spring overnight clinic (2-3 days) before The Ark or The Fork
  • VA May/June at Kelly's Ford overnight clinic (2-3 days)
  • MD June/July at Loch Moy Farm overnight clinic (2-3 days)
  • NJ TBD in prep for an event at Horse Park of NJ (2-3 days)

Scramble JR/YR Teams

  • VA Horse Trials - Spring
  • Difficult Run Horse Trials - Summer
  • Marlborough Horse Trials - Fall

Other Activities

  • FREE Unmounted Clinics tailored to meet your time and desires
  • XC design strategy course walks
  • Learn to scribe for you dressage judge before you ride
  • Work with Show Jumping Course Designer
  • Assist with XC fence judging the upper levels to see the problems before they happen
  • Assist with scoring
  • Potential to earn free XC schools


  • March:  Southern Pines HT 1  •  Morven Park Spring HT
  • April:  The Fork  •  Redland Hunt PC HT
  • May:  MCTA HT  •  Plantation HT
  • June:  Rubicon HT  •  Bucks County HT

Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 410-409-2255 if you have any questions, comments. Thank you.

Chris Donovan

Featured Image

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail)

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail). This is his first time over a skinny brush. This horse is 100% heart. He gave it a try even though he was very unsure.


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