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I had a fantastic time at Pony Club Championships coaching Maryland eventing.  I tried to track down many of you while you where there to say hi, and share the programs YRAP has planned this fall.  

Upcoming YRAP Activities:

  • Aug 20-21 at Difficult Run Pony Club is our next team event
  • Aug 27-28 at Loudoun Hunt Club Unmounted Clinic Saturday (sit with your dressage judge before you ride; XC and show jumping course walk with designers)
  • Sept 8-11 at AEC's Area 2 tent and social
  • Sept 17-18 at Marborough HT team event
  • Oct 20-23 at Waredaca HT Training 3-Day unmounted auditing and clinics open to YRAP; consider volunteering too!  

It was great to see Area 2 Young Riders so well represented at the Pony Club Championship.  I personally am very proud of your achievements.  As many of you aspire to be at NAYRC in a few years, this was great prep step to achieving that objective. 

YRAP Member Score Place Division
Cordielyn Goodrich 47.5 4 Prel
Lindsay Fox E E Prel
Melissa Fox 52.5 6 Prel
Haley Tucker 41.1 6 Training
Samantha Majors 42.6 8 Training
Sarah Nelson 45.7 11 Training
Cara Goode 64.6 15 Training
Victoria Kager 71.7 20 Training
Beau Guimond 52 13 Training
Alyssa Ruffa 30.5 1 Novice
Anne Page 31.5 3 Novice
Emma Trugman 49 13 Novice
Jessica Ruffa 52.5 17 Novice
Julie Kessler 27.0 1 Novice
Courtney Kerns 44 18 Novice
Sonia Johnson R R Novice
Brittany Kuntz 40.5 15 BN
Megan Benson 55.4 22 BN
Matina Aliseo 29 3 BN

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Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

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