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Consider attending the YRAP FREE clinic without your horse and learn how to make your ride even better at your next event. 

In dressage lessons we learn lots about doing twenty meter circles, and how to get our horses round and on the bit.  Rarely will your lessons focus on how to get the best score possible.  Sit in the dressage booth with Cathy Tucker,  a rated dressage judge.  Ask questions, learn to scribe, and see what the judge sees.  Nate Chambers credits his success in dressage in large part to having spent time with Brian Ross in the judges booth.  Come learn the ring craft and what the dressage judges are really looking for.

If you arrive early on Saturday attend the XC briefing to hear the instructions provided to the fence judges and spend time with Brian Ross (TD).  Watch him as he deals with inquiries, course evaluations, etc.

If you are staying late we have even more opportunities with show jumping judge Kathy White on Saturday evening as the courses are rebuilt for the Sunday.  Learn what the distances are and why they might not be 36 feet in the two stride.

Join us for all or part of the day!  Just let us know your needs and availability. Feel free to call me anytime 410-409-2255.

Please use the Release for eductational activities entry form found on the useventing website.


Scan and email or mail your form to:
Chris Donovan
13031 Furnace Mountain Rd
Lovettsville VA 20180

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2022 Year End Champions

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