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Wow... What great fun we had this weekend at The Fork.  The weather held up nicely.  Friday, about a dozen people worked 3 hours with Sally Ike setting the course.  A few were competitors, and others were Young Riders, working students, and grooms.  The Fork's strong men and the boy friends where very useful lifting the heavy standards.

We learned about how to use the unique cups for back rail of oxers, the proper way" to measure the distances, and why she built related lines that were not perfect 12' distances.  The YRAP attendees got to take copies of the actual course blue print home so they could rebuild the course at home. The Fork treated us to pizza for dinner which we were very grateful.

On Saturday, Bonnie Moser took the group around the course.  She had about 15 people of all ages following her around the course.  She pointed out the strong and weak rides, and the group had a great time learning.  They went to the stables and looked at the various different ways people where cooling out and putting up their horses after XC.  It was truly an fantastic day.

We are very thankful for the opportunities Linda and Jim provided, and the lessons Sally and Bonnie shared with us.

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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