Under Chris Donovan’s guidance, the Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP) has been re-invigorated. After several years of little activity, Chris has arranged for some excellent opportunities (working with Sally Ike designing and setting up the SJ course at the Fork), a course walk at Morven, a clinic with Lauren and David O'Brien, and a Team competition at VHT (there were 15 teams!). She has more activities (all of which are subsidized) planned for the rest of the year including three camps/clinics, another team competition, and a “sit with a dressage judge” opportunity. If you are a YRAP member or you are under 22 and ride below the CCI* level, check out the Area 2 website for more information

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Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail)

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail). This is his first time over a skinny brush. This horse is 100% heart. He gave it a try even though he was very unsure.


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