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2022 USEF Eventing National Young Rider Championships: Entry Info

From Chris Donovan, Area II Young Rider Coordinator: (This information was emailed to each of you - check your email!)

How likely am I to be picked as part of the Squad?
See attached.  The first set of factors are based on the athlete/horse competition record.  We track this information in detail on the following page.
Please look at the second tab called "YTC 2022 Results"  This shows your ranking overall.  We use the filters (along with riders age) to determine the top candidates for each level.   
Letters of explanation - There are times when a ranking is the result of a negative performance that can be justified.  Athletes are encouraged to send a letter to explain any extenuating circumstances, factors, for the Selectors to consider.  Examples would be:  Time faults as a result of footing, a glance off because of a spook, or a hold on course where you choose to retire instead of waiting for a restart.  Justifications should be sent while the information is fresh in your mind.  Letters received AFTER closing date of Championships may not be considered.
For all those still working toward your  althlete/horse MER at the level - good luck!  
Feel free to reach out with any questions. (The two new documents regarding YR Area selection and the USEF selection procedures have been uploaded to the 2022 YR folder)
-- Chris Donovan

July Report: IEL Teams, MCTA and MDHT

High School Team results are below. For USEA Area 2 YRs - please make sure I know you are a raising 7th grade or graduating Sr this year in order to participate on the IEL Area 2 Developing Rider Team. Remember you can also form your OWN Affiliate and create teams of your own!   

MCTA @ Shawan Downs
Full Moon Farm                                                                                                                                   S         101.53          1
Competitor                            Div Scoring             Total Scale Score  
327      Payton Myers                       TR-B
Drsg         30.200 Stad 0.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.0 30.20 0.95 28.690  
382      Jordan Dawson                    OBN-B
Spring Joy
Drsg         36.300 Stad 0.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.0 36.30 1.00 36.300  
265      Virginia Burns                       OM-A Drsg         33.000 Stad 4.0 0.0 XC 0.0 3.6 40.60 0.90 36.540  
Captain Jack
Cooraclare Team                                                                                                                                 S         122.15          2
Competitor                            Div Scoring             Total Scale Score  
385      Sutton Wetcher                    JOBN
Good JuJu
Drsg         28.100 Stad 0.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.0 28.10 1.00 28.100  
360      Isabella Craft                        JNR
Classic Endeavor
Drsg         30.600 Stad 8.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.8 39.40 0.99 39.006  
359      Sutton Wetcher                    JNR Drsg         33.600 Stad 4.0 0.0 XC 0.0 18.0 55.60 0.99 55.044  
Maryland HT International
Affiliate Name Participant Class/Division Individual Final Score Co-efficient Final Team Place
A2 Developing Riders - A Samantha Homeyer TR 35 0.95 33.3 99.6 1
A2 Developing Riders - A Hannah Leeds JBN 31.1 1 31.1
A2 Developing Riders - A Macie Brock OBN 67.8 1 67.8
A2 Developing Riders - A Samantha Homeyer CCI1-S 41.5 0.85 35.3
FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Emma Bomse JON 39.1 0.99 38.7 108.3 2
FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Payton  Myers JOT 34 0.95 32.3
FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Lucinda  Donaldson JON 37.7 0.99 37.3
FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Berkley Gardner MR 55 0.9 49.5
A2 Developing Riders - B Ava Wehrs JON 56.1 0.99 55.5 113.1 3
A2 Developing Riders - B Daisy Shumaker JON 37.5 0.99 37.1
A2 Developing Riders - B Bailey Kent JON 27.9 0.99 27.6
A2 Developing Riders - B Samantha Cecil JON 48.8 0.99 48.3
A2 Developing Riders - C Aimee Carson NR 32.5 0.99 32.2 118.2 4
A2 Developing Riders - C Lily Kratz NR E 0.99 1000.0
A2 Developing Riders - C Caitlin  O'Roark OP 56 0.85 47.6
A2 Developing Riders - C Izzy Lenk JOT 40.4 0.95 38.4
A2 Developing Riders - D Emma Wick CCI1-S 44.9 0.85 38.2 127.9 5
A2 Developing Riders - D Grace Mykityshyn CCI2-S 67.9 0.8 54.3
A2 Developing Riders - D Addison Orengo JON 35.8 0.99 35.4

Area II Young Riders Declaration List

Area II's list of declared Young Riders for 2022 are final. The USEF has the following riders declared for Area II:

Kendall Adams, Kate Bearer, Taylor Berlin, Nicholas Beshear, Clare Brady, Mia Braundel, Lily Dal Cin, Jillian Dean, Jackson Dillard, Sam Homeyer, Megan Hopkins, Carlin Keefe, Catherine Kelly, Kiera Kenny, Colette Leber, Jenna Levesque, LuLu Malinoski, McKenna Martinez, Rylie Nelson, Audrey Ogan, Caitlin O'Roark, Meg Pellegrini, Viktorija Petraitis, Catherine Pournelle, Paige Ramsey, Will Rowland, Keara Schmidt, Sydney Shinn, Austin Skeens, Noah Stanlaske, Elle Stephenson, Emma Wick.

For more information on the Area II Young Rider program, go to the YR Page here.



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Kate Schneider and Private Biggs at MDHT II. photo credit: Karen Schneider

Kate Schneider and Private Biggs at MDHT II.

photo credit: Karen Schneider


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