Area II Young Riders benefit online auction will be starting soon! Get your donation listed so we can give you lots of traffic to your website and business. Our most successful donations are entry fees, lessons, course walks, clinic spaces, tack items, personal items, gift certificates, jewelry and jumps (yes, we have auctioned jumps and jewelry!) and much much more! I need donations by the end of next week and we'll notify everyone when we start the auction. It should run for a couple of weeks to give everyone time to check in, create an account, and bid. It will be open through the end of April. When the auction is LIVE we will provide a link - in the meantime, please consider donating!Thanks everyone for supporting Young Riders! We need to get another top team back to Montana this year! For more information please contact Auction Coordinator Holly Covey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Holloway - Training 3 day Waredaca October 2021 Rider/owner Cindi Moravec PC:Angie Souza Leihy


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