This activity is open to all levels and riders, regardless of membership. The show begins with the lowest level and works up. Dress is casual with a focus on “warm” with proper head gear and boots/jodhpurs. Hope you all come out and have fun! All work on excellent footing and we have access two indoors, so the road conditions would be the only reason we will cancel.
Ride times will be sent on Wednesday 12/28. They will also be posted on the website

Dressage “Fix-A-Test” Format of 15-20 minutes allotted for each test. Riders have choice of test A or B for all levels. All dressage in the small arena. Extra dressage rides must be purchased ahead of time, or risk being scheduled at the end of the day if time permits.

Show Jumping “Fix-A-Round” Format of 15-20 minutes allotted for each session. Levels from intro (19”through 3’11”) in 4” increments. Courses will become more challenging, with the addition of combinations etc, as the levels increase. Ribbons will be award based on jumping faults and closest to optimum time.

The entry for can be found at this link The_2016_YRAP_Combined_Test_-_12-30.pdf  

Fees: Combined Tests: $75 for the CT ( 1 Dressage Session and 1 Show Jumping Session), a single session $50 (Dressage or SJ). Full refunds for inclement weather.

Contact Chris Donovan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for entry form.

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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