Well, we are well into the season here in Area II and I am dismayed by the very small number of event evaluations that I have received to date. (Not to mention the TDs who have not yet sent their reports!!!). It is an important duty of all who event to take a moment to report on their experience. Perhaps there are some misunderstandings regarding the event evaluation. Let me try to clear those up!

“It’s a pain!”

Well, in the old days of snail mail, it was. You had to print the form or get the one that was provided by the event organizer in your packet, fill it out, address an envelope, lick a stamp and drop the thing in the mailbox. WAYYY too much work! But, the GOOD NEWS is that you can now fill out your event evaluation on line on the Area II website and email it to me. No envelope! No stamps! No tedious writing! And the side benefit is that I can forward your evaluations to the organizer just as easily! Please use the online event evaluation!

“Nobody reads them anyway…”

Well, that’s not true. I read each and every event evaluation that I get. I forward the electronic ones pretty much on the spot and I collect the written ones for distribution at Area II meetings where the Orgs are represented.

“I had a good time. I don’t need to fill out an evaluation.”

I just received a really SCATHING evaluation for an Area II event. I won’t speak to the competitor’s issues with the event as I wasn’t there BUT, what was really striking was the statement from the Competitor, “I have been competing for several years and never felt the need to send in an evaluation…Until now.”

Apparently, this rider felt that the conditions at the event were so bad that she had to report it. While it is good for the Organizers to hear about your experience at their event, and your feedback can be useful to the Organizer to improve their next event, the event evaluation form is not just for negative comments! I get many evaluations that compliment the Organizers for a host of different reasons. It could be a great competitor’s party, a fantastic cross country course or to recognize a particularly nice or helpful volunteer. Whatever the motivation that gets you to send in an event evaluation please try to be constructive and fair in your criticisms and lavish in your praise.

Chronicle of the Horse Adult Team Challenge
Change of Venue

We have been fortunate to have the very popular Chronicle of the Horse Adult Team Championship in Area II for several years. Unfortunately, Waredaca, which was originally scheduled to host the 2010 ATC, will not be able to do so. As a result, the ATCs have been awarded to the only other bidder, Millbrook Horse Trials August 5-8, 2010. Though I haven’t been there in a while I remember Millbrook as a very nice event. Hopefully, Area II will have LOTS of representation! Think about going north for a change!

Keep kicking and have a great Summer!

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Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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