sandhills-animalto benefit the Companion Animal Clinic Foundation

October 24-25, 2009 at Loch Hurst Farm  2560 Lakebay Rd., Vass, NC

Participate  •  Audit  •  Compete

Have fun and support the Companion Animal Clinic…a great cause...working to reduce animal overpopulation through low cost spay/neuter.

SATURDAY -Sport Horse Versatility Obstacle I and II Clinic

with Linda Hoover

Whether you ride dressage, hunters or western, come and learn about this

exciting new concept. Sport Horse Versatility will take your riding and showing to

a whole new level! Build the partnership with your horse and have a lot of FUN!

  • Clinic participation: $90/horse for a 2 hr. small group
  • Auditing: $15/person .
  • A wonderful lunch is included for all.
  • SPECIAL ACTIVITY during lunch break. Learning gets a twist as clinic riders get put in their horses’ shoes.

sandhills-obstacleSUNDAY -Dressage & SHV Competition

Test your skills in a friendly competition.

  • Dressage -ride a test of choice. $25/test
  • SHV Two-Phase -includes dressage test (test of choice) + obstacle course. $50
  • SHV Suitability -includes under saddle class + obstacle course. $50
  • SHV Obstacle Phase (under saddle). $25
  • SHV In-Hand Obstacle Phase (unmounted). $25
  • Open to all riders and clinic participants.

For additional information: or call Linda Hoover at 910-639-9910

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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