Volunteer “Perks Pool” Program

Volunteer for one day at the following participating Area II events, and you will be eligible for the Area II Volunteer “Perks Pool”, where you can earn a cross country schooling AT ANOTHER EVENT, or other event “perk”, in exchange for a full day of work at your favorite local event.

Volunteer a full day at Flora Lea: Earn a cross country schooling at Marlborough! Or….volunteer a full day at Marlborough, and earn a 50% discount on a Starter Horse Trial entry at Plantation Rules:

  • Only FULL DAY volunteers will be eligible – half days not eligible.
  • Perks earned are not transferable.
  • Only participating events perks are available, keep watching this space, more will be added.
  • You must follow all rules of cross country schoolings at each venue (or other perks).
  • SIGNED Perks Eligibility Form must be presented at time of use. Vouchers are good for one perk per day volunteered. There’s no limit to how many you can earn!

As of 4/09, Participating Events for 2009:

Plantation Field Horse Trials – 50% off Starter Horse Trial Entry, see website at for schedule of Starter Horse Trials

  • Flora Lea Horse Trials – cross country schooling
  • Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy – Schooling course cross country schooling
  • Marlborough Horse Trials – cross country schooling
  • Redland Hunt Pony Club Horse Trials – cross country schooling either 2009 or 2010

How to get your Perks:


  1. First, contact an organizer, and set up a time and day to VOLUNTEER a full day at your favorite local horse trial. (Remember, not all jobs occur ‘on the day’ – many times organizers have a need for helpers BEFORE and AFTER horse trials!)
  2. Second, Print out a Volunteer Perks Eligibility Form from the Area II website
  3. Third, Fill out the form and have an organizer or volunteer coordinator sign it when you’ve worked your day!
  4. Fourth, present it at your selected “Perk” location prior to schooling for approval.

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2022 Year End Champions

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