bids close July 11th

Help Area II Young Riders raise funds for the road to  Kentucky and bid on local entries, products and lessons.  So far, donations include: XC Schooling Passes to Morven Park, WinGreen, Seneca Valley and Loch Moy Farm.  Lessons with Bonnie Mosser and Allison Springer and Horse Trial entries to the October Maryland HT, September Seneca, November Rubicon.  DC McBroom has doanated her mane braiding talent to be used at the August Difficult Run HT and/or AECs, merchandise from Animal Wea,r and VEI has donated a basket full of useful products.

Look for bid sheets near the score board.

  • XC Schooling Passes to Morven Park (5)
  • XC Schooling Passes to WinGreen (2)
  • XC Schooling Passes to Seneca Valley (2)
  • XC Schooling Passes Loch Moy Farm (2)
  • Bonnie Mosser lesson (2)
  • Allison Springer Lesson (2)
  • Jenn Simmons Lesson (2)
  • DC McBroom mane braiding at AEC or August Difficult Run
  • Animal Wear Merchandise
  • VEI Basket
  • HT entry fee to October Maryland HT
  • HT entry fee to September Seneca
  • HT entry fee to November Rubicon
  • HT entry fee to October Virginia
  • HT entry fee to September Middleburg
  • Equine or K-9 massage - Holly

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Allie Sowden

Allie Sowden

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