avatar imageHappy St. Patrick's Day!

We have recently instituted a commenting feature on the site, where you can post comments about articles and information, and have a bit more interactive discussion on the topics posted on the site. To post comments you need to be registered. See the "login" at the top of the pages and either log in or "register". (Please note that this login is separate from any advertiser login you have in the classified and resources area).

There is also a "share" button in the commenting area (after you click "read more" on the home page and get to the main article). So if you find information of interest, feel free to share with your Twitter, Facebook, or email to friends.

You can edit your profile and upload an avatar which will show on your postings, too. Uploading your avatar is done through the "Your Profile" link, under "Home" on the main menu.

We invite you to use this feature to make the site more of a blog format and we encourage discussion. It's your area and your site, so make the most of it!

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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