Editor's note:  Jordan approached us with the offer of sharing her blog with Area 2. She felt that writing a blog about her experience as a working student would be really useful and enjoyable to members. Jordan adds, "I grew up eventing through out Area 2 and would love to give something back to the area, which I feel I could accomplish through this blog."

Here is her first post. Please visit the blog at  You can follow her the blog with your Google account to keep up with Jordan's posts.

Life in the 803

Here I am, finally in Aiken. Just finished my second full day of work. Caitlin and I got down here after one dingy hotel room and twenty-one hours of driving. My car is still trashed but I’m working on that.

Here’s a run down of today; pull up to Full Gallop Farm at 7:30 am, bring horses in that were turned out for the night into the stalls for breakfast. Swap blankets around, this has got to be one of the most confusing processes I’ve encountered so far. Barn help shows up to do stalls and scrubs every single water bucket, every day. I cannot think of words to describe how grateful I am for those people. Every horse that comes in from the paddock gets his or her legs checked and feet picked. Then Courtney starts down her list of horses to ride. Sixteen horses made the trip to Aiken with Courtney this year.

Had a lesson today too, a tough lesson, but a good lesson.

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