Do you want to be more confident and consistent in quality this year?  Consider some cross training and clinics to make the pennies go further and the eventing experience more successful.  The dressage tests are new this year, so consider doing your tests 2x at a dressage show to work out the timing. The comments from the judges make for great homework assignments.  There are a few "judges point of view" clinics also scheduled to help you know what the judges want to see out of the new tests.

Always getting a rail in show jumping or your horse is a little looky?  Consider some of the jumper shows where you can jump multiple rounds at different heights. Consider not going for speed, but for control, accuracy, and keeping the rails up.

Horses ridden in the indoors all winter are sometimes a bit frisky when they do their first events of the season.  I hate to see people getting bucked off or run away with.  Consider a Hunter Pace where you can go for an hour or so with a buddy around a much longer XC course at a much slower pace and in company so he does not want to run home  :)

Clinics are another option for getting homework ideas to build into your training plans. The Area 2 calendar is full of different kinds of clinics including: Gymnastics, Dressage, Fix a test, Show Jumping, XC, and Galloping clinics.  Struggling with what might be a good mix for you and your horse?  Contact Chris Donovan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Pam Wiedemann (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) who are chairing the education committee.  We can help tailor a plan to achieve your objectives.

Looking forward to Spring!

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Holloway - Training 3 day Waredaca October 2021 Rider/owner Cindi Moravec PC:Angie Souza Leihy


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