Annual Meeting

This year David O'Connor sat in the meeting and discussed his thoughts/plans on developing a pipeline from the YRAP program to the YR Program to Senior Team/Training programs. He wants to create a 'Observation Team' of coordinators/coaches/officials to be on the watch for talent in the younger ranks, work on adding training opportunities for that talent administered by USEF approved instructors, with the hopes that the US can build a pool of young up and coming riders that potentially can take the place of some of our much more senior team riders that will be retiring in the next 10 years.

He is extremely worried about our future on the international stage. He also discussed his desire to encourage all coordinators to sign up for a MINIMUM of 6 years at time preferably 9. This is the short version of our discussion but we signed up to be a part of the task force that is working on this process.

We spent 4 hours with the Treasures on the new guidelines, the history of USEA and all the IRS 501 c issues. We attended to get educated so that we can better perform our jobs now that the USEA financial rules have changed

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Allie Sowden

Allie Sowden

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