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HUG YOUR SMURF Any person, Area 2 Adult Rider member or not, who has done the most
to support the A2AR this year: Eg: the best spokesperson, activist, fund raiser, volunteer, biggest $$ contributor, publicist, etc. "The Backbone".

2009 HUG YOUR SMURF Recipient: Gretchen Butts

INDIAN SMURF The Area 2 Adult Rider member who best displayed the greatest personal strength against adversity this year. Eg: toughness, heart, against all odds; in other words, everything we mortals aspire to! "Tough-It-Out".

2009 INDIAN SMURF Recipient: Pat Mansfield

COWBOY SMURF The Area 2 Adult Rider member who this year best displayed bravery, brilliance, survivorship, riding-the-buck, grace under pressure with the toughest horse. "The Bull-rider".

2009 COWBOY SMURF Recipient: Jeff Beshear 

PAPA SMURF The Area 2 Adult Rider member who best displayed leadership and dispensed support, knowledge, information and wisdom to other A2AR's this year. "The Counselor".

2009 PAPA SMURF Recipient:   Karen Rubin

SMURFETTE The Area 2 Adult Rider member who consistently displayed, and helped
others achieve, great style and turnout under any circumstances this year. Always proper, correct, impeccable and brilliant! "The Groombabe or Groomdude".

2009 SMURFETTE Recipient: Nick Olijslager

In addition, Dorothy Smith is being awarded a PERPETUAL SMURF for being consistently helpful, cheerful and a great asset to the group. She is always nominated in multiple categories, and has won a Smurf almost every year.

Prizes will be displayed at the USEA Annual Convention Dec. 2-6, and can be claimed by winners near the end of the convention.

Once again, VTO Saddlery is providing a bunch of prize goodies, so please join in thanking them for supporting the Area 2 Adult Riders!!!

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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