As some of you may have seen Jersey Fresh is looking for fence sponsorships again! Last year fence sponsorship was a huge hit no thanks to generous groups like ours! Can we all dig into our ever evaporating bank accounts and get together as a group again? Any amount will be accepted towards our Area II "ADULT" rider Group effort!
We'll get a nice banner made up/set at our   sponsored fence/complex again! If you'll recall last year the Area 2 Adult Rider group sponsored the BIG water complex, which was very cool!  I think Anne Seline was there to set up all the duckies & inflatables :)  The "jump" sponsorship is $450 and "complex" is $750, but we get a $50 rebate for repeat sponsors! We'll get a nice banner! and some extra's which we can raffle of to takers of the group (free entry for 4 and 2 parking passes)? I think if we all donate a small amount we'll get there quickly!  Also, "Simply gather your group donors together on Saturday, May 8th – Jersey Fresh 2010 Cross-Country Day – to watch many of Eventing's top riders and horses take on the challenge of our world-class courses and have your picture taken (courtesy of NJHP)  alongside your fence or complex banner. Every group will get their photo after the Event, in addition to shot of your fence "in action," BUT the crowd with the MOST contributors caught on film gets a 2011 fence sponsorship for FREE!"

Please make checks payable to "Horse Park of New Jersey", and you can send them to me for Area II Adult Rider group collection.

Nick Olijslager
35 Launcelot Lane

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

So let's get in on the Jersey Fresh 2010 "Fence-sation"! Who's in????  Thanks everyone in advance!

The Horse Park of New Jersey at Stone Tavern, Inc. is a Non-Profit Tax-Exempt
Corporation under I.R.S. Code Section 501(c)(3). All contributions are
tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

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