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Long Live the Long Format at Southern Eighths Farm, located in the middle of USEA Area 2 & 3 on the North and South Carolina border sin Chesterfield,SC. the Heart of the Carolinas.

Long Format 3 Day is the amateur rider’s “Rolex” - The place where Beginner Novice through Training level riders can ride their ultimate long format test in a recognized event. It is unlike any other horse trial.

The facility is specially designed to accommodate and maximize the long format experience. From its centrally located “holds” and “starts”, two steeplechase tracks and groomed “roads and tracks” to the special derby course used for show jumping, the Heart of the Carolinas event is the ultimate test.

Whether it is testing your horse at speed on the Steeplechase or riding technically challenging cross country courses, this event will be memorable. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for the amateur rider, the time where you, your horse and
your support team all function as one to complete the traditional test of horsemanship. That moment where education and exhilaration meet.

For more information, contact Foy Barksdale at (203) 605-5303 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Classic Eventing programs are held at Southern Eighths Farm, a state-of-theart eventing facility that has been built with the pledge of educating the adult amateur. The 300-acre venue with pristine turf, boasts of two steeplechase tracks,
hand-groomed trails for roads and tracks, and superior cross-country courses Southern Eighths Farm designed by Tremaine Cooper.

Classic Eventing is located at 305 Lucious Davis Road, Chesterfield, SC   29709 •


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