Classic Three-Day Events

This year the Training 3-Day at Waredaca was another great success.

I want to again thank Gretchen and Robert Butts for the use of their lovely farm and also take a moment to thank all of our generous prize sponsors. Below is a list of prizes, sponsors and winners. Please join me in thanking the wonderful folks who made all of these great prizes possible.

Division A Donor Item Winner Division A Winner Division B Winner Division C
1st Southern States, Ramard SS bucket, Total Joint Care Nicole Coffey “Contortionist” Dawn Beach “Sudden Eclipse” Brooke Baugher “Smoke Signal”
2nd Stablemates, Ramard SMates tote, Total Joint Care Devlin Murphy “Man of Power” Louise Foster “Along Came a Spyder” Bennett Camp-Crowder “Robinson”
3rd Stablemates, Saddlery Liquidators, Finish Line SMates tote, Small Turtle Neck duffel bag, U-7 Molly Rosin “Sprite” Claire McElwain “Que Sera Sera” Cordielyn Goodrich “Bandit”
4th Stablemates, Finish Line, Saddlery Liquidators SMates tote, Fliud Action, Ariat fleece throw blanket Kathryn Chesson “Positively Perfect” Cary Chavis “The Tin Man” Janelle Phaneuf “Irish Ike”
5th Stablemates, Foxden Equine, Jim Wofford SMates tote, Foxden gift certificate, JW book Antoinette Nienaber “All Gone John” Kevin Emes “Shiver Me Timbers” Hannah Simmons “Leviathan”
6th Stablemates, Foxden Equine, Jim Wofford SMates tote, Foxden gift certificate, JW book Sarah Shearin “Volturno’s Evening Star” Lisa Warnock “Constant Sorrow” Sarah Magill “Sawyer”
7th Stablemates, Saddlery Liquidators, Jim Wofford, Finish Line SMates tote, neck warmer, JW book, Fluid Action Nicolette Merle-Smith “Ganymede” Daryl Layfield-Insley “William Street” May Keffer “Belle Luna”
8th Stablemates, Jim Wofford, Finish Line SMates tote, JW book, U-7 Erin Durst “Blink He’s Gone” Hillary Horton “Badlands Billy” Jamie Merrill “Class Clown”
9th Stablemates, Finish Line SMates tote, samples Jade Cooling “Thank You” Carol Danforth “Renaissance” Chloe Brownlee “Springline”
10th Stablemates, Ramard SMates tote, samples Tori Pickett “Houston” Catherine Meyers “FedEx” Josie Bennett “M-S Reddy Fox
Special Awards Donor Item Winner
Best Mare (Brown Betty Trophy) Oliver & Barbara Cohen King Trophy “Contortionist” Nicole Coffey
Best Conditioned Horse Saddlery Liquidators & KOR Studio Green cooler & custom portrait “Deep Sea” Sarah Finkel
Best Groom Seema Sonnad Premier Equine tote bag Mr. Chesson
Best Trainer Gunner Woodworks (Rob Lang) Corner jump standard Danny Warrington
Best Turned Out KOR Studio & Saddlery Liquidators Custom portrait & Coin necklace “Ganymede” Nicolette Merle-Smith
Sportsman-ship (2 awards) Saddlery Liquidators & Jane Sleeper Ariat fleece throw blanket & 2011 Eventing calendar Maripeg Bruder Josie Bennett
Oldest Horse Author: Polly Thompson Book: Horses & Heartbeats “Robinson” Bennett Camp-Crowder
Oldest Competitor Saddlery Liquidators Big Turtle Neck duffel bag (red) Kevin Emes
Best Area 2 Adult Rider member Saddlery Liquidators Green Saddle pad Louise Foster
Best TB MidAtlantic Horse Rescue Trophy “Smoke Signal” Brooke Baugher
Door Prizes Southern States, Saddlery Liquidators, Jimmy Wofford, Foxden Equine SS bucket, Water bottle, art print, note cards, 2 Krud Buster, JW book, 2 Foxden Equine gift certs. Various winners

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Allie Sowden

Allie Sowden

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