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IMGAMack_3Frederick Pony Clubber Mackenzie Taylor and her precious partner, a rescue pony named Ink Spot (Inky),  have been actively competing in Mounted Games competitions for several years, both in the US and overseas.  With the help of sponsors and lots of fundraising (it takes upwards of 10k to send a horse overseas), Mackenzie and Inky were able to travel to Wales where the pair won the 2012 International Mounted Games Association World Championship!

Now in 2013, TaylorMade Stables, in Damascus, Md, are gearing up for their 2nd Annual Spring Jumper Shows in efforts to raise funds for Mackenzie to return to Wales to defend their Gold Medal. Come join in the fun and support on Sunday, April 7th (March 15 date is canceled, sorry for an inconvenience).  Go to http://www.taylormadestables.com/events.htm for more info and the prize list.

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