Photo created by prostooleh - www.freepik.comThe Broussard family, through the Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust, has announced that for 2020 only, several special educational grants will be available to USEA members.

The Trust has made a very generous gift of $25,000 to the USEA Foundation to be awarded to deserving candidates 18-years-old and above who are passionate about moving their commitment to the sport forward.

The Going Forward USEA Members’ Grants will cover three areas:

  1. Horsemanship Immersion Program
  2. Instructor’s Certification Program
  3. Eventing Official’s “r” Training Program
    • The amount of the grants will be a minimum of $5,000.
    • Grants will be based on merit.

What are you waiting for? For full details and online application:


Featured Image

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail)

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail). This is his first time over a skinny brush. This horse is 100% heart. He gave it a try even though he was very unsure.


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