I am also following up on some TD reports. Already I have noted that a number of TD’s have noted some issues with footing, organization, but the major weakness seems to be XC control. That is something most of you don’t see but it is critical to safety and the success of a HT.

I am going to be following up with those events where a concern has been raised. Furthermore I encourage you to mention to the TD what you like and don’t like about a HT since those comments get reflected in their reports.

Also, USEF also has a footing evaluation report and a regular evaluation

If you are a USEF member, I encourage you to fill out these evaluations too.

Lastly let me remind you of yet another evaluation that was raised at the annual meetings. You can evaluate officials

The officials have indicated that they can learn from evaluations and they strongly urged competitors and HT management to fill out these forms. These are confidential and the results that get back to officials and the oversight committee are summarized.

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Katie Label - Virginia Horse Trials Area 2 Championships 2017

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