GRC PhotographySteve Symansky, as the long time secretary of the Difficult Run Pony Club Horse Trial supported the Area II Adult Riders by offering Teams at the Spring Horse Trial. Adding more work to his task as secretary, he created the teams and sent each Area II Adult Riders the people's names and e-mail addresses to contact each other. There were ribbons for the teams too.

Janet Gunn, Brittany Hardy, Jaye Younkers and I were one of the Adult Rider Teams at the Difficult Run Horse Trial. To support CDCTA, our team name was CDCTA Plus.

Janet was a founder of CDCTA and has been on the board of directors every year. Brittany has been a member for several years and I have been the secretary of the CDCTA Fall Horse Trials and a board member for several years. Jaye was the Plus, since she was the only non-member. We hope this will change.

CDCTA Plus won the competition! (Check out all results on DPRC website)

Everyone had double clear rounds. Brittany finished in 1st place in a Novice division with a final score of 27.0. Janet finished in 3rd place in a Beginner Novice division. Jaye finished in 4th place in a Novice division.

Aphrodite and I went Preliminary, we were the drop score. I walked the course twice on Friday night and never saw fence #19, it was a Training/Preliminary fence prior to the second water. I did not jump it and was Technically Eliminated. I was in first place and would have been in 2nd, had I jumped it. 2nd place because I went slowly on the hard ground. I have not made that mistake since the 1990's. I am still beating myself up for the mistake.

Thank you Team for your great results and supporting CDCTA! Thank you Steve for once again supporting Difficult Run Pony Club, Area II Adult Riders, and CDCTA!

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Katie Label

Katie Label - Virginia Horse Trials Area 2 Championships 2017

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