If you would love nothing more than to give your trusted equine partner the rest and relaxation that they have earned, look no further than Playland Equestrian Center’s retirement board! Nestled in the hills of Frederick County, Maryland, Playland’s retirement fields are surrounded by beautiful farm views while also having a sense of relaxation and serenity, contrary from the busy hustle of the DC Metro area.

For the reasonable rate of $315 per month, your horse will be checked over by experienced horsemen each day. The monthly rate also includes upkeep of small group turnout with safe fencing, automatic waterers, large run-in sheds, and grain and hay as needed throughout the year. For an additional cost, we can also arrange and bill for trims by the farrier every 6-10 weeks, an annual float by the dentist, and vaccinations.

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Glenda Player
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Retirement Boarding Now Available at Playland!

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