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As soon as we enter your scores this page will update with most current results. Our new scoring system averages your score and makes note of your best results for an average, rather than points for placings. For more information please see the Competitions/Year End Awards page. Scores are updated periodically, when our volunteers can do it!


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First, the bad news:

  • The Area II Council has suspended the traditional Year End Awards Program, which is based on points gained for placings at USEA Area II recognized horse trials, for the 2020 competition year. The council felt that in all fairness it was not appropriate to encourage point-chasing given the circumstances of the shortened season; not all competitors were able to compete at their local events this year; and some events have had to restrict entry numbers due to local or state regulations. These circumstances make open and fair competition for the traditional high point awards impossible.

Only 8 events have been completed by the middle of our Area II season; normally, there would have been 30. And we cannot predict what may happen going forward. It is reasonable to expect a very shortened season. For that reason, the memorial and perpetual trophies (with a few exceptions, those awarded not based on points) will not be calculated for this year only, and high points will not be counted in the traditional format at this time.

In addition, with the national association freezing funds, and our budget being affected, we also had to take in mind the costs of this program as well, and to date, registration totals are not near what we would need for a full year end awards offering.

Now, the good news!

  • However, in an effort to reward those who are supporting Area II events by entering and competing, and to fulfill the objective of the awards program to assist organizers in filling events and encouraging good Area wide competition, the council has allowed the Awards Committee to create new awards based on other criteria than points and placings.

 The committee has requested that these be called the “Patrick McGaughan Memorial Area II Awards of Excellence”*, or the “Packy Awards!”

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May 20, 2020

Area II riders: We are considering options about continuing the 2020 YEA program, the budget will be a factor, but the most important factor is going to be events available to area wide eventers as soon as the restrictions lift on a state by state basis. Year End Awards are based on the fact that events in Area II have a typical season, and are open to all eventers for point accumulation. There are many positive signs for eventing to resume in Area II, hang in there - we will make a July decision based on what information we have by that point. Thanks! 

Year End Awards Update - March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020 - The Area II Year End Awards program will be flexed to assist our competitors when the eventing season resumes. Right now we don't know when that will be, but we will probably ask the Council to make changes to the rules to remove late fees, adjust requirements, and set a last-day signup later in 2020. To date the only event with points available was Southern Pines on Mar. 7-8, 2020. You can sign up any time. We will post when the Area Council approves changes in the program at a later date this spring. Stay healthy and safe!

2015 Points


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2011 USEA Area II Year End Awards Program Final Results

2011 Area II Year End Awards Program has come to a close. Some divisions were hotly contested!  Hope you all had great fun in the 2011 season!  Anyone interested in being featured? Please send me some basic info/story on you  and/or your pony along with a jpg photo that does not have copyright infringements or ask photographer for permission.  Any questions, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   CONGRATS TO ALL!  Let's do it again next year.  Awards presentation will be at the annual Area 2 meeting on January 21st during luncheon in Leesburg, VA, more details to follow.   PLEASE NOTE: ALL CHAMPIONS RECEIVE FREE ADMISSION TO THE AWARDS LUNCHEON PRESENTATION.

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Featured Image

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail)

Maggie Proffitt riding Gretel Mangigian’s horse Jib(Beth’s Moonsail). This is his first time over a skinny brush. This horse is 100% heart. He gave it a try even though he was very unsure.


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