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Area II Reminders - Mid Season


Year EnCatoctinSporthorsesNightMagicMemorialBegNovYgHsd Awards: Are you interested in participating in our Area II Year End Awards? July is the last month you can register for the $25 fee. It doubles to $50 on August 1, so get your registration done! It's all online and can be accessed here.

News about Year End Awards: We have changed the Volunteer Requirement. You are no longer required to have 8 volunteer hours, but instead, at the end of the season, you will earn a "Boost" point subtracted from your Averaged Score for at least four verified volunteer hours in the app. In addition, completion of a Classic Three Day Event will also earn a .5 subtraction from your Averaged Score. Full rules will be posted soon.

Area II Championships: Once again held at beautiful Maryland Horse Trials, Oct. 1-3. Qualifications are postarea2champbannered here. Join us - we had a great time last year! Put it on your calendar. Special prizes and ribbons for winners, and championship courses again will be presented by the Loch Moy peeps! If you aren't riding, consider volunteering! We could use the help! Qualifying period: 10/15/20 to 9/14/21. 


Adult Rider News: August Clinic and AEC Teams: Carly Eddahri is coordinating the AEC Adult Rider teams, contact her if you are A) going to the AEC's and B) want to be part of the Adult Riders while there! They will stable together, swag is promised, and should have lots of fun, so make sure to get on a Team. Also there is a clinic scheduled for August in VA. with Tik Maynard and Andrea Waldo. More info about both at the Adult Riders page - info here.

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Points and Awards Program Registrations OPEN

The 2021 Year End Awards sign up form is now ready! We are awaiting approval from the Area II Council to formalize rules. What stays the same: High Average scores (just like the Packy McGaughan Awards of Excellence from 2020). 

What changes? We are hopeful a full season can be completed, so will go with minimum of 6 events used for best averages; The volunteer requirement has been changed (more details coming); we have now added FEH, YEH, and NEH divisions; and there is now ONE fee per horse/rider combination, no need to pay additional for more levels. All events count that you attend that have results in the USEA database for Area II events this year, no matter when you sign up, but there is a deadline of August 1, 2021 for the $25 fee; it doubles to $50 until October 10, 2021, which is the last available day to register for Area II year end awards. Payment must be made at time of registration via PayPal. (There are no printout forms - all registration must be online.) Rules will be posted soon.

Register Online:

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2020 Year-End Packy Awards FINAL POSTING

Area II Patrick McGaughan Memorial Excellence Awards 

FINAL Scores posted as of 1/31/21

Averaged completed events: 3 - BN; 4 - N; 4 - T; 2 - M; 2 - P; 2 - I.  A qualified horse/rider has the minimum number of completed events at the level. If more scores were completed, the best scores were used. Remember, our new Area II scoring system averages your score and makes note of your best results for an average, rather than points for placings. Our system was changed this year to make a more level playing field after almost half of the season was cancelled, and the Area Council  authorized changes to keep the program viable in 2020. It is different from the newly announced USEA year end award system. We anticipate the area either keeping our new averaged system or transferring to the USEA system in 2021.

To all Champion and Reserve Champion award winners: Please look for an email requesting a photo and announcement information. Your ribbons will be mailed; your prizes will be finalized following the Area II Council meeting next week (Feb. 1-5). To all placing third through eighth place: please look for an important email - you will be given a selection for your year-end prize and we need you to return the email with your choice as soon as possible. (We are placing first through 8th only.)

The following Special Awards have been determined for 2020. Note ribbons for the Arabian/Part Arabian Event Horse Year End Award will be supplied by the Arab Sporthorse Association; Ribbons for the Irish RID Event Horse have been sponsored by Tully Cross Farm, Charles and Susan Yates. The Area II Thoroughbred awards and Master Rider awards have been supplied by the Area II Awards Committee and did not have a sponsor this year for more than one overall set of placings.

SPECIAL AWARDS - Irish, Arab, Thoroughbred, Master Rider for 2020

Our Volunteer Awards will be given to the top ten Area II volunteers in 2020. They will receive a ribbon, and personalized gift.Thanks to ALL our volunteers! And congratulations to James Newman, who was also the top volunteer in the nation this year.

1. James Newman 292.51 2. Angie Leihy 267.01 3. Leah Flemming 150.52 4. Joan Harper 144  5. Susan Hart 143.41 6. Mike Smallwood 137.11 7. Joan Hilsman 102 8. Jan Solovey 90.18 9. Fancy Butler 83.35 10. Denise Humphries 65.44

YEA Registered Riders Who Also Volunteered at least 4.0 Hours in 2020:

Juniors: High Hours goes to Jackson Dillard with 14.33 hours. These Juniors have more than 4.0 hours and will receive CREDIT for Volunteer Hours for Area II Year End Awards registration in 2021: Stephanie Cordell, Ainsley Colgan, Kaylyn Cunningham, Jackson Dillard, Gretel Frew, Jillian Dean, Will Rowland and Emma Keahon.

Adults: High Hours goes to Beth Zielinski with 20.06 hours. The following adults have more than 4.0 hours and will receive CREDIT for Volunteer Hours for Area II Year End Awards registration in 2021: Luba Abrams, Merrilyn Ratliff, Lindsay Berreth, Cindy Moravec, Lisa Pragg, Coree Reuter-McNamara, Rachel Grice and Kathleen Cannon.

THANK YOU to our organizers, our Area Council, our Awards volunteers (Monica Fiss and Seanna Miller)  and our Chair Melissa Stubenberg --who have worked so hard for you to have a real season this year!

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