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Be Safe Bracelets

Chad and Stephanie Davis are equine sports medicine veterinarians located in northern Virginia. As an Eventing competitor, Stephanie found a need to replace the medical armbands that were required during the jumping phases of the sport. Other than not being very comfortable, they are handwritten and rarely updated. Because Chad has been very involved in the sport of cycling in the past, he had experience with medical bracelets that were used for cyclists. They have adopted this idea for the equestrian community. The Be Safe bracelets are made from 100% medical-grade silicone bands with a stainless steel buckle, clasp, and ID plate. The ID plate is laser engraved with YOUR specific information to identify you in case of an emergency. The underside of the ID plate will have an ID CODE that is again, specific only to YOU. The double-locking buckle and clasp is specially designed to meet the rigorous environment of the equestrian.
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