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Area II Young Riders Declaration List

Area II's list of declared Young Riders for 2022 are final. The USEF has the following riders declared for Area II:

Kendall Adams, Kate Bearer, Taylor Berlin, Nicholas Beshear, Clare Brady, Mia Braundel, Lily Dal Cin, Jillian Dean, Jackson Dillard, Sam Homeyer, Megan Hopkins, Carlin Keefe, Catherine Kelly, Kiera Kenny, Colette Leber, Jenna Levesque, LuLu Malinoski, McKenna Martinez, Rylie Nelson, Audrey Ogan, Caitlin O'Roark, Meg Pellegrini, Viktorija Petraitis, Catherine Pournelle, Paige Ramsey, Will Rowland, Keara Schmidt, Sydney Shinn, Austin Skeens, Noah Stanlaske, Elle Stephenson, Emma Wick.

For more information on the Area II Young Rider program, go to the YR Page here.


April Update: CDCTA and Schedule for 2022

CDCTA Horse Trials, Apr. 9-10, 2022

From Chris: It was a cold and windy day.  With fresh horses, there were very few dressage scores in the 20's.   For those not used to Show Jumping on grass, we saw lots of rails and some time faults.  BN Jr had a 4 way tie for 4th that was broken on who was closest to Optimum Time XC. Good experience maintaining the appropriate pace. Overall, we had 20 Area 2 Young Rider program entries. Below are the medal results. (Medals will be mailed.)

Our next activities are at Waredaca.There will be an IEL team competition at Waredaca as well as Achievement Awards.  If you have not submitted your Affiliate forms for IEL - please do it asap. As a reminder, all program riders  of high school age, who are not on someone else's roster, will be on the Area 2 YR Program Member roster. 

What else is on the schedule? See the 2022 Schedule (uploaded pdf "A 2 YRP SCHEDULE 2022" above left in the YR Documents folder)
Note that E21 and WoW are scheduled in July just before PC Championships.  Entry forms and other details are forthcoming.
First Last Horse Name Division Final Score Medal
Claire Allen Get Serious ON2 32.2 2
Josephine Barklage Krispy Kreme BNJr 42.2 4
Brooke Burchianti Ballaghmore Castle C OP 60.2  
Brooke Burchianti Make Me A Deal ON1 41.9 4
Meredith Chance Lianna ON2 47.8  
Ashley Cosenza Mason’s Dream ON2 NQ  
Samantha Homeyer Final Notice OT2 37.2 3
Cecelia Meza LL Silver BNJr 42.2 4
Grace Mykityshyn MTF Cooley Classic OP 40.4 4
Addison Orengo Putin My Two Cents Intro 48.3  
Catherine Pournelle Cooley On A Quest OT1 NQ  
Paige Ramsey Sapphire Blue B OT1 NQ  
London Roberts-Shipway Flying First Class Intro 38.7 3
Penelope Roesler Say No More ON2 39.2 3
Isabella Soon Davinci BNJr NQ  
Nicola Villarino Boogaloo BNJr 40.3 4
Ava Wehrs Lyric ON2 48.9  
Sutton Wetcher Bay Runner BNJr 42.2 4
Sutton Wetcher Good JuJu BNJr 34 2

March Update: Aiken Invasion

It was lovely weather in AIken.  No need for the woodstove in the show office.  The week of competing and lessons wrapped up with an IEL Challenge at Sporting Days.There were 10 teams! Full Moon Farm finished 3rd and the Area 2 YR Program Riders finished up 4th. Our next activity is CDCTA Spring HT (Berryville, VA) in April.  We will give Merit Awards based on scores.  Area II's "Behind the Scenes" program will kick off 2022 at CDCTA as well. These activities are how we familiarize kids with the operation of horse trials, and all the details needed by officials to provide a fair and competitive sport. Opportunities will be offered for those interested and ask to be mentored -- It is a great opportunity to learn what the dressage judge really thinks, and understand what the course designers do. Contact Chris if you would like to be included.

Sporting Days IEL Results here

-- Chris Donovan, Area II YR Coordinator


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