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Article by Chris Donovan

I can't believe I am writing Fall when we are in the middle of Summer! But as school is starting for most - it is the fall season when we adjust our schedules and plans.

The Area 2 Young Riders Schedule for the year is attached. I hope I get to see you at one of these events!

For our High School (rising 7th through graduating 12th graders) there are the Interscholastic teams competitions. Ideally, you are a member of an IEL team with your Pony Club, Trainer, barn, or a group of friends. For those who don't have those connections, no worries, as part of the Area 2 YR Program you will be added to our roster once I know your grade... It is important to send me your grade if you want to be included in the Area2 Young Rider Program Roster.

Did you know there is a unique leaderboard for riders on an IEL roster?

Go to the website and look at the leaderboards. We have program members at the top of most of the boards.

Beginner Novice IEL

3rd Lillian Goeller
5th Emma Whitaker
7th Hayden Sheaf
9th Madeline DeMeirsman

Novice IEL

1st Kandal Fansler
6th Charlotte Carrajat
8th Riley Baker

Training IEL

1st Leeci Rowsell
2nd Bailey Kent
4th Paige Ramsey
5th James Power
6th Emerson Kasley
7th Riley Zgrebnak
9th Cecelia Meza
10th Berkley Gardner

Modified IEL

1st Paige Ramsey
2nd Berkley Gardner
3rd Carlin Keefe
5th Claire Allen
9th Olivia Devening
10th Bailey Kent

Preliminary IEL

1st Noah Stanlaske
2nd Anna Antrobius
6th Carlin Keefe


1st Kiera Kenny


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