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Chairman's Corner Oct. 2009

I hope that this issue of Optimum Times finds you well and winding up a great Eventing season! This is our first electronic issue and I am thrilled that we have moved away from the paper format. We are saving a HUGE amount of money on printing and postage not to mention a bunch of trees! And speaking of saving paper, don’t forget that there is now a link on the Area II website that allows you to fill out event evaluations online and email them to me. It’s fast and easy and I can then forward your comments to the event organizer electronically so they can consider your comments before their next event.

The Eventing season is nearly over here in Area II. There are just a couple of events left before we head south to Florida for the winter. Well, at least some of you. I know that the Spring Omnibus can’t be too far away from my inbox and I am sure that many of you are working on plans for the 2010 season. I hope that you will consider the Area Championships in your plans. Look for the dates elsewhere in this issue.

Year in Review - 2009

2009 presented a bit of a challenge with the economy being so much in doubt and that will be reflected in the total number of starters for the year. This is very hard on our organizers because every entry lost comes right off the bottom line. In the spring, Red Hills (Fl.) was forced to cancel their very popular event because their early entries were very low. Faced with a huge cash outlay and no promise of recouping their investment, the organizers were left with no option. Similarly, Morven has cancelled their Classic Three Day for 2010. It is an immense help to the organizers if you can send your entries early…As close to the opening date as possible. I know there are a multitude of reasons to hold out (this from the king of the late entry!) but if you can, please send your entries early! I know our Organizers will appreciate it!

The Classic 3-Day

Speaking of the Classic Format 3 Day, I can’t urge you strongly enough to make it your goal to participate in at least one Classic three day event if you can. Whether it’s a training three day like the one the Area II Adult Riders sponsor at Waredaca or one of the few long format CCI*’s that remain in the world, (all of them in the U.S.) you will find that the experience is invaluable. If you can’t participate as a competitor, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. It takes a lot of people to run a Classic. If you do not support these events, they will disappear and with them, the last chance to ride A,B,C as well as D. Not to mention a hugely important part of eventing!

Annual Meeting - USEA and Area II

Mark your calendars! December 2-6, 2009 will see the return of the USEA National Meeting to Area II. And, it’s the 50th anniversary of the USEA! Since Area II will be the host Area, we will have a lot to do to help put on a premier event. Please help us make this year’s Annual Meeting one to remember. We will be looking for MANY volunteers to help out. Hopefully, we will have enough volunteers that each can spend just a couple of hours helping and have the remainder of the time free to attend meetings and seminars. Watch the website for more information but by all means, help out if you can! Look elsewhere in this issue for a list of potential volunteer jobs that need to be filled.

Young Riders take the GOLD!

I am thrilled to report that our Young Rider squads had a glorious time at the Kentucky Horse Park. The Junior CH-J* team of Molly Curtis, Huxley Greer, Colleen McKittrick and Laura Roberts won the team GOLD, handily beating the Ontario/BC team by nearly 30 points! Laura was also winner of the individual GOLD medal and Molly Curtis finished 4th individually.

The CH-Y** team of Alex Martone, Alyssa Peterson and Katherine Samuels had a great week too! The only team without a drop score, all three pairs went well and just missed the gold by a few points, taking home the team SILVER medal. Katherine brought home the Individual BRONZE medal, with Alyssa finishing in 8th place individually and Alex in 10th.

My heartiest congratulations to the riders, coaches, coordinators and grooms and parents who have worked so hard to make this dream come true. You are ALL stars!

Now is the time to start planning for the next NAJYRC competition. Interested? Look at the Area II website for more info on how to get involved. And don’t forget the Young Rider Advancement Program (YRAP). Designed for younger riders who are not ready for the one star level, this is a great way to get involved and work your way up to a team.

Area II Adult Riders and Waredaca Training 3-Day

As I write this, the Training Three Day is underway at Waredaca. The T3D is sponsored by the Area II Adult Riders and is their biggest event of the season. If you dream of joining the 4 star ranks or are just looking for a challenge at training, the T3D should be on your calendar. Run as a long format three day at the training level, this event is the ultimate competitive goal for many and a learning opportunity for all. If your goal is to move up to FEI recognized events, the T3D is a great place to get your feet wet in what it’s like to compete at the top of eventing. And it’s a bargain! For about the price of an event with stabling, T3D participants receive instruction in every aspect of the three day experience from some of the top names in our sport. Like Jimmy Wofford and Karen O’Connor. (And about a zillion others who so generously donate their time and expertise.) T3D riders and their grooms receive meals and lots of give aways as well. And best of all, this is an experience that builds your knowledge and will forever change your relationship with your horse. You just can’t help but develop a new respect for your pony after doing a long format 3 day.

The T3D concept is now recognized by the USEA and there are several around the country with more on the way. Ask anyone who’s been to one…It’s a blast!

We want YOUR news!

Do you use the Area II website? Have you checked it out since Cheryl has revamped it? There are a lot of nice features that are available to our members. Like the ability to advertise items for sale, etc. And if you have something that might be of interest to other Area II members, why not submit an article or a picture? We want to make this site more valuable to you so please send your comments to me or to Cheryl.

Online Event Evaluation Forms

Please take a minute to fill out the event evaluation forms for horse trials you have attended, as a competitor or otherwise.

Your feedback is important to organizers and the USEA Area II committees. We have created an online form that mimics the print form to make it even easier to complete this important step in your event experience.

Complete Event Evaluation Online


Why some events and not others?

by Michele Schwartz

It does seem strange how some events are over-subscribed and some are not getting enough entries in 2009.

This question was posed this question on the Area 2 Adult Riders’ chat list....

“If you saw events that had lower priced entries (I'm talking recognized here) would it make a difference or are you choosing your recognized events for facility/courses, location? What is making you choose the events you choose? Are you more likely to do unrecognized events because of costs? Are you doing fewer events because of finances, or other reasons? Would you do more if they were less expensive? Is safety playing into any of your decisions?”

Following is a summary of the responses. Where do you fit in?

Save the Date for USEA Annual Meeting

USEA Annual MeetingThe USEA Annual Meeting will take place December 2-6, 2009 at the Hyatt Regency in Reston VA. In addition to the Year End Awards Luncheon, the Hall of Fame Dinner, and the many forums and educational offerings, activities celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the USEA are also in the works. Our Area 2 meeting will be in conjunction with this rather than a separate meeting since it is located in the heart of Area 2.Area II at the National Meeting


Retired Racehorse Training Symposium Draws a Crowd of 350 from 10 States

racehorse_symposiumFascination and love for the Thoroughbred horse seems to be alive and well in America! Who would have thought that 350 people cared enough about this subject to show up so eager to learn something new? I hope they came away with a renewed sense of admiration and respect for these horses, and a renewed commitment to improving their own riding and training skills.

I had my fingers crossed when JK Adams rode in at the start on Monster Chaser. JK has ridden in 5000 races, winning 1000 of them, so he wasn't nervous, but Kim Clark of Thoroughbred Placement & Rescue had warned me that the horse only had 7 days of post-race training and could be a handful.

Omnibus & Results

OMNIBUS & RESULTS can be found on this site, which provides a feed directly from USEA for Area II events.

The Points Participants Pictures

by Nick Olisjager

Congrats to all the participants in this program this year. Watch this area for some information on the riders and their horses/ponies, and how they got here. Have you seen any of them competing this year?


Classifieds, Resources. and Calendar are all found and kept up-to-date on the website. Please visit often, and feel free to add your classifieds and events to the calendar!


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Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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