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  • 2022 USEF Eventing National Young Rider Championships: Entry Info

    From Chris Donovan, Area II Young Rider Coordinator: (This information was emailed to each of you - check your email!)

    How likely am I to be picked as part of the Squad?
    See attached.  The first set of factors are based on the athlete/horse competition record.  We track this information in detail on the following page.
    Please look at the second tab called "YTC 2022 Results"  This shows your ranking overall.  We use the filters (along with riders age) to determine the top candidates for each level.   
    Letters of explanation - There are times when a ranking is the result of a negative performance that can be justified.  Athletes are encouraged to send a letter to explain any extenuating circumstances, factors, for the Selectors to consider.  Examples would be:  Time faults as a result of footing, a glance off because of a spook, or a hold on course where you choose to retire instead of waiting for a restart.  Justifications should be sent while the information is fresh in your mind.  Letters received AFTER closing date of Championships may not be considered.
    For all those still working toward your  althlete/horse MER at the level - good luck!  
    Feel free to reach out with any questions. (The two new documents regarding YR Area selection and the USEF selection procedures have been uploaded to the 2022 YR folder)
    -- Chris Donovan
  • 2022 Young Riders Program Ramping Up - February Notes From Chris Donovan, AR2 YR Coordinator

    February, 2022 - From AR2 YR Coordinator Chris Donovan:

    Please note the 2022 schedule (posted in YR Forms, 2022 folder). It will be a busy year assuming we keep Covid at bay. Some reminders for February:

  • 2023 Year End Awards: Update 5/18/23

    Results are now on the spreadsheet as of Plantation Field, 5/13/23.

    Note that some scores are out of order, we are working to fix that.

    Link to YEA Scores spreadsheet:  (We no longer count points, the verbage in the links will be fixed once the website is updated later this year.)

    Link to Year End Awards registration:

    Link to Year End Awards rules pdf:

  • 2023 Young Riders Schedule Announced

    The annual schedule is also a program outline. If you have questions about the Area II Young Riders Program, this is the document you need!
    Chris Donovan, the Area II Young Rider Coordinator, has developed this outline to help introduce our program for anyone interested - young riders, their trainers and coaches, parents, etc.
    Please DOWNLOAD and SAVE for the 2023 season, and give the link to your parents and coach!
    Please access the 2023 schedule here:
    Bookmark the Documents folder at this website - documents needed by Young Riders, or sent through the email list, will be posted here promptly after publication.
  • 2023: IEL Team, YR Update, Fall Event Wrapup

    From Chris Donovan, Area II Young Rider Coordinator/IEL Team Coordinator:

    A reminder that our new year starts December 1st, 2023, and our first activity is Winter WoW Eventing Camp at the Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA., from 12/27-30, 2023 (midweek). We have XC fences left out to use (weather permitting) and we will focus some of the lessons on riding terrain, in addition to our usual focus on dressage ring craft, and show jumping in the indoor arena. No worries about the weather -there is a 100% refund if we need to cancel due to winter storms. This camp is open to everyone! (Young Riders, Adults, etc.) All the details can be found on - key search word "WoW" - and please feel free to email with any questions. Here is the link:  
    Event/Teams Report:
    Virginia Horse Center Horse Trials was busy and exciting, with our YR members participating on IEL, Collegiate, and FEI teams. There were also Pony Club awards to the highest place PC'er in each division. The bonfire was moved from Friday to Saturday. The s'mores and stuffed potatoes were a great treat, and we are grateful that VHC hosted such a great party!  We are already looking forward to May, 2024 at VHC. You can find all the team results at:$t_IgmiFYtmMwn5GG_Q==
    There was a single award for the top Collegiate team - Virginia Tech Hokie Hustlers took home a nice set of boots for each of their horses.
    The top 4 Interscholastic Eventing League teams are listed below. The ribbons for these riders will be mailed out this week.
    1st  A2DR Free States team represented by James Power and Riley Zgrebnak in the CCI1-L, Riley Shank, Riley in the JBNR, and Abby Dove in the JTR
    2nd East Coast Eventers ATeam represented by Claire Allen in the CCI1-L, Paige Ramsey in the CCI2-L, Megan Hopkins in the OT-B, and Mia Valdez in the JTR
    3rd A2DR Training Pairs Consisting of Leeci Rowsell and Bella Craft, both with two entries in the JTR division
    4th Bit O Woods traveling down from NJ with Peyton Frankovich inthe JNR-B, Bridget Gower and Avery Moore in the JBNR, and Jessica Francisin the JTR.
    We also had our second YR FEI U25 Team Challenge, the first being at Plantation Field International in September.  We are still working out the kinks on this new program, but you can expect to see more of these for our FEI riders.
  • Area 2 Team Competitions - Season Long

    Sponsored by Kealani Farm

    Champion Team: Team Cairn O’Mount

    Amanda Beale Clement & Carlson 119, Cynthia Sansone & Pippin VI, Elizabeth Welker-Ebling & Santana II, Julie Wotring and B. E. Excalibur, Olivia Hayes & Astrana De La Galerna

    Reserve Champion Team: CDCTA Always TIPsy

    Ainsley Colgan & Bay & Ginobi, Cindi Moravec & Holloway, Coree Reuter-McNamara & Another Concerto, Lindsay Berreth & Oh So Extreme, Stephanie Traylor & My Baby Grand

    Third Place Team: Team Beverly

    Brooke Ballaus & Beverly's Get Even, Darrin Mollett & Beverly's Beboop & Beverly's Clueso, Tori Nuckols & Gingerman & Osborne 9

  • Area II Dominates Interscholastic League

    The USEA has created the National Interscholastic Leaderboard to highlight the achievements of our high school members.  To be part of the leaderboard you must be on an Affiliate's Roster. If a rider is in the Area 2 Young Rider program, Chris can put you on the Area 2 Developing Riders roster.  Riders can also create your own Affiliate (team) with your trainer, pony club, or group of friends.  To create an Affiliate see:

    To see the full leaderboards go to the home page and look at the 2023 leaderboards.

  • Area II Hosts Young Rider Challenge at Maryland International (YTC Adamstown)



    In order to have a viable competition, the teams were scrambled as follows. Results will be available at after Cross Country. (Saturday, July 3).





    Area 1





    Area 2





    Area 2






    Area 1





    Area 3





    Area 5






    Area 5





    Area 3





    Area 5






    Area 2





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    Area 2





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    Area 2

  • Area II Season Update

    Area II bragging rights: The world's newest 5-star event, the Maryland 5-Star held at Fair Hill NRMA in Elkton, MD., took place last weekend and the winner was Boyd Martin on On Cue, from Cochranville, PA., keeping it all in the area! We are all very proud of Boyd and his program, his supporters and owners, and of course, hundreds of Area II volunteers who worked for this event. It was live streamed all over the world and had six overseas competitors attend. (See stories and results at the USEA website, The Chronicle of the Horse, and watch video at the USEF Network for more on this exciting competition.)

    The Area II Championships were held at the Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy on Oct. 1-2, and a wrap up of this competition is coming! We had a beautiful new trophy to award to the winning Junior Training rider and horse courtesy of the familes who loved Cadenza Aria. Pictures soon!

    The Young Event Horse eastern championships were also held last week (Oct. 14-15) at Fair Hill. This wraps up the Young Event Horse competition for the year, and the Future Event Horse championships were completed in September.

    Our newest year end awards in 2021 included both Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse categories, based on average scores and we are pleased to ANNOUNCE the following Area II Year End Award winners for Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse: (winners with a minimum 3 competition scores). Awards will be given at our annual Area II awards ceremony, but we can announce the winners now! Here they are:

    2021 Area II Year End Awards of Excellence - Future Event Horse

    1. Utah Beach (G., 2019) (79.6 ave.) (3 competitions) owner Monica Fiss

    2. Okie Brown (G., 2018) (76.29 ave.) (3 competitions) owner Angela Bailey

    3. Lady Leia (M., 2018) 76.55 (2 competitions) owner Cynthia Gartrell

    4. Another Yes (M., 2018) 80.0 (1 competition) owner Tracy Wagner

    2021 Area II Year End Awards of Excellence - Young Event Horse

    1. Archelos, (74.75) (2 competitions) owner Rebecca Lee

    2. Accordingly, Cynthia Sansone (0) no competitions

    The last three events for Area II year end awards are Waredaca Horse Trials/Classic Three Day Events Oct. 22-23, Virginia Horse Trials, Oct. 28-31, and Full Moon Farm horse trials Nov. 7. (While Tryon International 3-Day Event is the final event of the Area II season, it has only FEI divisions this year.) As per the rules all year end award winners will have a short period after Full Moon, to check points and make corrections known to the Pointskeeper Seanna/Awards chair Holly. We will have news about Year End Awards of Excellence and the Area II annual meeting coming soon. The Year End Awards scoring can be seen at the Tableau here. Once again, please check your scores and submit any discrepancies to us immediately for correction.

    Our Area II Adult Riders will plan a Team competition at VAHT along with the Interscholastic Teams, please make sure you are signed up for a team if you enter. This is a fun teams event for all!

    Young Riders/YTC final will be held at Tryon International Three Day Event Nov. 10-14, and YR Coordinator Chris Donovan is hard at work helping our Young Rider teams at the various levels enjoy the team experience in what has been an exciting year in this newly developed program. More on the YTC after Tryon!

    Annual Area II Meeting/Awards will be announced shortly. 

  • Area II to host Eventing Youth Team Challenge at Plantation Field International

    The Area II Young Riders Program will be hosts for the Eventing Youth Team Challenge to be held in conjunction with Plantation Field International event, Sept. 20-24, 2023, Unionville, PA. Expected are Young Rider teams from throughout the east coast and Canada to compete in three FEI levels, from 1* to 3.

    TEAMS - 2023 Eventing Youth Team Challenge - Plantation Field International – Sept. 21-24

    CCI1-S: Canada/NE Team, Kate Servais/Cathedro, Elizabeth Brousseau/Nico, Kimberley Begin/Ultimate Legacy and Victory Cents; West Team, Scarlett Peinado/Shadow Inspector, Lizzie Hoff/HSH Best Kept Secret, Eva Taylor/Irish Rose; Area II Blue Team, Berkley Gardner/Aristocrat, Paige Ramsey/Fashionable Man, Rylie Nelson/Galloway Sunrise; Area II Red Team, Gianna Fernandez/Excel Star Vero Amore, Jenna Levesque/Born Ready, and Lillian Kager/Game On.

    CCI2-S: Canada/NE Team, Madison Haney/Chesterland’s Sweet Charlotte, Audrey Littlefield/Mr. Pumpkin, Lucine Claudel/Tsantania ; A238 Team, Noah Stanlaske/DHI Showman, Chloe Paddack/Hawthornstud Fortunate Love, Maddie Hale/Fernhill Hotshot; Area 2 White Team, Carlin Keefe/Point Nemo, Paige Ramsey/MTF Cooley Classic, Noah Stanlaske/ Chesterland, Anna Fitzhugh/Shirsheen Deal Me In

    CCI-3-S: Canada A17 Team, Kimberley Begin/Ballinagore Rock Quality, Lea Adams-Blackmore/Frostbite, Madison Temkin/MVP Madbum; Area 2 Blue Team, Meg Pellegrini/Cooley Wish Upon A Star, Benjamin Noonan/Street Fighter, Braden Speck/BSF Liam, Peyton Klein/Pleasant Humphrey; Area 7 Team, Lizzie Hoff/HSH Limited Edition, Olivia Miller/Cooley Starstruck, Lizzie Hoff/Cooley On Show; Area 8 Team, Maddie Hale/Cinzano 87, Alexandra Baugh/Hubert des 3 Arbres and MHS Fernhill Finale

    Prize Sponsors to date for the Team Challenge include: COAT DEFENSEFARMVET, The Engraver,  Big Dee's Tack & Vet Supply, Maryland Saddlery, and the Wawa Foundation. We also welcome STANDLEE FORAGE as well as ANIMAL COMFORT GROUP to our prize supporters! 

    Area II will host a hospitality tent in the stable area, for young riders competing and participating in educational opportunities to include course walks and the USEA Mentorship program. Supporters include Freely Forward Bodywork!  which will also be giving a free bodywork seminar to all Young Riders Thursday afternoon.

    The USEA Mentorship program, sponsored by the Delaware Valley Combined Training Association, is also being coordinated on the grounds with Plantation Field International officials; any Young Rider who is a  member of their area program.. Area II selected Young Riders for the Mentorship Program are Jenavieve French, Macie Brock and Alden Wyatt. Congratulations!

    Check back for more information, and also be sure to go to the Area II Youth Council Instagram at #areaiiyouthcouncil

    Big Dee Logo Square2023 08 28 2 farmvet logo

  • Area II Wins Big At Eastern Youth Team Championships


    Mill Spring, N.C. – With a huge number of entries, the final day of competition at the 2021 Tryon International Three-Day Event was just as full and exciting as the days that preceded it, with show jumping taking place from the cool morning into the evening under the lights. By the end of the day, a new four-star national champion emerged, and the victors of the inaugural Adequan®/USEF Eventing Youth Team Challenge were crowned.

  • Area II Year End Awards - May 2023 Update

    Registrations are rolling in! Thank you to everyone who has registered so far - don't forget, it's not an automatic signup. If you are already a USEA member, a Young Rider member or Adult Rider member, you must register separately for the Area II Year End Awards. We give lovely trophies in many categories! We have special awards for Irish, Thoroughbred, and Arab/Part-Arab event horses; reward our Master Riders; and give out lots of ribbons!

    Link to registration

    The fee is just $25 for each horse/rider combination. Please be sure your numbers, etc. are correct, as we can't find you in the USEA results database if a number isn't right and we cannot correct the form post-registration. Many thanks to Kara Googins and Leah Zabarenko for assisting with the spreadsheet set up for score keeping this year! The DEADLINE for registration is August 1, and the fee doubles after. Here are the 2023 Year End Awards rules

    We will post the first scores spreadsheet later this week. Please check for errors - if you are not listed but have registered and paid your YEA fee, please send me an email. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The results will be current up to April 21, 2023. We hope to post and update the spreadsheet each month.

  • Area II Young Riders Declaration List

    Area II's list of declared Young Riders for 2022 are final. The USEF has the following riders declared for Area II:

    Kendall Adams, Kate Bearer, Taylor Berlin, Nicholas Beshear, Clare Brady, Mia Braundel, Lily Dal Cin, Jillian Dean, Jackson Dillard, Sam Homeyer, Megan Hopkins, Carlin Keefe, Catherine Kelly, Kiera Kenny, Colette Leber, Jenna Levesque, LuLu Malinoski, McKenna Martinez, Rylie Nelson, Audrey Ogan, Caitlin O'Roark, Meg Pellegrini, Viktorija Petraitis, Catherine Pournelle, Paige Ramsey, Will Rowland, Keara Schmidt, Sydney Shinn, Austin Skeens, Noah Stanlaske, Elle Stephenson, Emma Wick.

    For more information on the Area II Young Rider program, go to the YR Page here.


  • Area II Young Riders: Nick Beshear

    Joining Audrey Ogan, Meg Pelligrini and Noah Stanlaske is:

    Nicholas Beshear

    IMG 4268

    Nicholas (Nick) Beshear, 19, from Somerset, VA., is riding his father, Jeff Beshear’s Rio De Janeiro, a 13yo Holsteiner, (River Dancer-Vanilla Ice) in the CCI3-L competition. In the 2022 season, so far Nick and Rio won River Glen Summer Horse Trials CCI3-S, were the highest placed Young Rider and placed sixth overall at Great Meadow International CCI3-S in July; second placed Young Rider and top ten overall at Morven Park International CCI3-S in October. In addition, the pair also won and Virginia Horse Trials May CCI2-S, and won an Open Intermediate division at Maryland Horse Trials. Nick is competing for the first time on an Area II Young Rider championship team, and is a 2023 Emerging Athlete U25 candidate. Erin Gilmore Photo.

  • Area II Young Riders: Noah Stanlaske and Meg Pellegrini

    It's time to cheer on our Area II Young Riders! We will be featuring all of our Young Rider competitors that have entered the Dutta Corp. national Young Rider Championship this year to be held at Tryon International Equestrian Center, Millspring, NC., Nov. 9-13, 2022. (Watch LIVE on USEFNetwork.)

    Noah Stanlaske
    CCI1* Competitor Noah Stanlaske, 17, is a high school junior taking classes at Laurel Springs High School, and is from McMurray, PA. Noah has ridden his long-time partner, Chesterland, a 15yo Thoroughbred (Innkeeper – Windsor Bonnet) from his first event at Beginner Novice level to CCI2*. He is also entered on DHI Showman, an 8yo Warmblood (Elvis Ter Putte - Bubertha), and trains in Pennsylvania with National Champion 5* rider, Pan Am medalist Buck Davidson and his father, multiple Olympic medalist and World Champion Bruce Davidson. In 2022, Noah and Chesterland completed at the CCI2-L level at the Ocala International, and the CCI2-S at Great Meadows International. Riding DHI Showman, Noah won a Preliminary division at the Maryland Horse Trials this summer. Erin Gilmore Photo
    image0 3
    Meg Pellegrini
    Meg Pellegrini,18, is from Wayne, PA. She began eventing in Southern California and relocated from the West Coast to train with Lillian Heard out of Cochranville, PA. Meg competes on three horses: her own RF Eloquence (Contender-Ginger), 17yo Holsteiner; her own Global Naxos (Nektos-Komtess IV), 10yo Holsteiner; and her and Molly Pellegrini’s Cassilio G, (Cassiliano – Dormani), 7yo Holsteiner. Meg was named to the USEF Emerging Athlete 25 program, and was part of the Area II gold medal winning squad at the YRC in 2021. She’s the second leading Young Rider in the nation as of November 1 and has competition successes up to the CCI3*L level. This year, Meg will be competing Global Naxos and Cassilio G in the CCI2*L and CCI1*L at Tryon. Amy Dragoo Photo

    image0 1
    Today's rider is Audrey Ogan who will be competing for Area II on her own Always Cooley in the CCI2-L.

    CCI2* Competitor Audrey Ogan is from Charlottesville, VA, where she is a working student for USET Olympic/WEG Team Rider, multiple 5* winning eventer Kim Severson. Audrey grew up on the West Coast riding ponies, began eventing, and moved to Area II in 2020. She rides her own 11yo ISH mare, Always Cooley (Ramiro B – Unknown). This year, they were the third-placed Young Rider at the Great Meadows International CCI2-S, finishing double clear in jumping phases, and won a Preliminary division at Fair Hill International August horse trials. Erin Gilmore Photo

  • Area II's Young Rider Team Challenge a Success

    Young Riders frFacebook creation 10887391om throughout the U.S. and Canada braved wet conditions at Plantation Field International event, Sept. 21-24, 2023, to compete on a full set of teams at the Area II-sponsored Young Rider Team Challenge. The challenge is a promotional competition held within a standing competition to encourage team comraderie and competition among Young Riders.

    At the CCI-1* level, the scrambled Area 2/West Team of Lillian Kager/Game On (45.5), Scarlett Peinado/Shadow Inspector (49.7), Lizzie Hoff/HSH Kept Secret (51.4) and Eva Taylor/Irish Rose (85.9) won the FarmVet $25 gift certificates,The Engraver leather engraved keychains, and Maryland Saddlery merchandise for first place (team score 146.6). In second was the Canada/NE Team, (168.6) of Kimberley Begin/Victory Cents (41.9), Kimberley Begin/Ultimate Legacy (44.9), and Kate Servais/Cathedro (81.8). Placing third was the Area 2 Team (1089.2) of Rylie Nelson/Galway Sunrise (35.2), Jenna Levesque/Born Ready (54), Gianna Fernandez/Excel Star Vero Amore and Berkley Gardner/Aristocrat.

    The CCI-2* competition was hotly contested over the soggy show jump course down to the last rider. Ending on the top was the Area 2 Team, (139.6), winning the $25 FarmVet gift certificates and C4 Belts from Maryland Saddlery, consisted of Noah Stanlaske/Chesterland (38.5), Carlin Keefe/Point Nemo (44.8), Paige Ramsey/MTF Cooley Classic (56.3), and Anna Fitzhugh/Shirsheen Deal Me In. Second place team (154.6) went to Canada/NE, of Lizzie Hoff/HSH LImited Edition (34.7), Audrey Littlefield/Mr. Pumpkin (55.2), Madison Haney/Chesterlands Sweet Charlotte (64.7), and Lucine Claudel/Tsantania (69.4). In third, the Area 2-3-8 Team (1096.4) of Carlin Keefe/Mr. Candyman (33.8), Maddie Hale/Fernhill Hotshot (62.6), Chloe Haddack/Hawthornestud Fortunate Love and Noah Stanlaske/DHI Showman.

    Completing the team competition was the CCI-3* section. They finished on Saturday, with the winning team from Area 8, (1126.4) receiving the $25 Farm Vet and $25 Maryland Saddlery gift certificates,of Alexandra Baugh/Hubert des 3 Arbres (62.1), Maddie Hale/Cinzano 7 (64.3), and Alexandra Baugh/MHS Fernhill Finale. Second place team was Area 2, (1137.3) of Braden Speck/BSF Liam (49.2), Benjamin Noonan/Street Fighter (88.1),  Peyton Klein/Pleasant Humphrey, and Meg Pellegrini/Cooley Wish Upon A Star. In third was a scramble team of Canada/Area 1-7, (3000) with Lea Adams-Blackmore/Frostbite, Kimberley Begin/Ballingore Rock Quality, Olivia Miller/Cooley Starstruck, and Madison Tempkin/MVP Madbum.

    In the CCI-4* competition, one Young Rider completed, Brooke Burchianti and Cooley Space Grey (87) who finished in fifth place. She was top placed U25 rider and received a FarmVet $25 gift certificate.

    Individual Young Rider winners received Coat Defense prize packages, and The Overall Horsemanship winner was Canada Young Rider Kimberley Begin, riding three horses and placing two of them in both the CCI-1* and CCI-3* competitions. She received the Freely Forward Bodywork certificate sponsored by Maija Luttinger of Freely Forward Bodywork. The Local Grooms/Horse Care Award from Wawa Foundation went to Area 2's Carlin Keefe, riding two horses in the CCI-2* and completing with both. All Young Rider Team Challenge riders received Standlee Premium Western Forage treat bags for their horses.

  • Hard deadline: Jan. 29!

    LIST current as of 1/21/21

    Sign up is required at the USEF by Jan. 29 to be considered for Area II teams this year. Below is the list of names from USEF of the riders wishing to be considered for the Youth  Team Challenges at the FEI *,**, and/or ***.   (Please note:  this is not the Interscholastic Eventing League.)
    Some additional steps.

    • If your name is missing and you want to be considered you must apply through your USEF Dashboard before 1/29... (Just 8 days away)  No athletes (rider names) will be added to this list after 1/29.  
    • You do not need to be competing modified or above to apply.  If you think you MIGHT do a * or above in 2021 - you should consider signing-up.   
    • If you are 21 or under - you must also have renewed your USEA young rider program membership as well before the 1/29 date.
    • Your horse(s) will need a USEF Passport (National or International) in order to compete in the FEI divisions.  This can be done at any time before the events.  Please start that process early as it can take over a month to obtain.
    • Yes, you can also be part of the Interscholastic Eventing League and the Youth Team Challenges at the same time.  If you are interested in learning more about IEL which is for all levels  - we will address it at our monthly "First Thursday" night calls.
  • March Update: Aiken Invasion

    It was lovely weather in AIken.  No need for the woodstove in the show office.  The week of competing and lessons wrapped up with an IEL Challenge at Sporting Days.There were 10 teams! Full Moon Farm finished 3rd and the Area 2 YR Program Riders finished up 4th. Our next activity is CDCTA Spring HT (Berryville, VA) in April.  We will give Merit Awards based on scores.  Area II's "Behind the Scenes" program will kick off 2022 at CDCTA as well. These activities are how we familiarize kids with the operation of horse trials, and all the details needed by officials to provide a fair and competitive sport. Opportunities will be offered for those interested and ask to be mentored -- It is a great opportunity to learn what the dressage judge really thinks, and understand what the course designers do. Contact Chris if you would like to be included.

    Sporting Days IEL Results here

    -- Chris Donovan, Area II YR Coordinator

  • March Young Rider Update

    From Chris Donovan, YR Coordinator:

    DSCN1009Upcoming Activities:

    1. EA21 Application deadline is 1 week away (March 15). For those established at Training and have big plans to continue in the sport - you should submit!
    2. Our first Social is being planned for Morven Park Spring Horse Trials on Saturday afternoon, April 1st – please join us, learn about the Area II Young Riders program and the Area II Youth Council. These are fun get-togethers where all are welcome to drop in for food and refreshments. More details on the way from the Youth Council!
    3. WoW Eventing Camp is scheduled this year for June 27-30, 2023 at Morven Park Equestrian Center, Leesburg, VA. Registration will be on Strider ( by April 1st. There will also be a LandSafe Clinic, also at Morven, on the 29th and 30th.  While a separate entry, priority will be given to camp entries.
    4. Achievement Awards are planned for Southern Pines March 11-12; CDCTA April 9; and Longleaf Pines April 15-16. Medals will be mailed following Longleaf.
    5. Updated Full Schedule is uploaded to the 2023 Folder at the top of this page.

    Competed Activities:

    The Aiken Invasion has come to a close.  The number that goes south to Florida or Aiken increased this year. I'm so thrilled for all of you.  There was an IEL team competition at Stable View in January and another at Sporting Days last weekend.  Below are the results of each:

    Stable View:


    Sporting Days:


  • Merch! Logowear!

    Get your gear here: AREA II GEAR
  • New: Area II YR Youth Council to be formed in 2023

    Hey, Young Riders! Would you like to have a say in what activities Area II develops this year? For 2023 we will be re-establishing the Young Rider Youth Council for Area 2.  The YR Youth Council will:

    1.  Define the future activities for the Area 2 YR Program.
    2.  Communications/Marketing of Program Activities and Success
    3.  Actively engage in the Fundraising and other YR Support activities
    1.  Young Rider Program Member enthusiastic to support the YR MIssion
    2.  Time commitment 6-8 volunteer hours per quarter (every 3 months)
    This is a GREAT thing to have on your resume, and for those who are considering applications for any national level YR program, being an active Council Member shows interest and commitment! Please send Chris Donovan your interest and any questions.  
  • UPDATE: Youth Teams/YR Standings and List, as of 2/18/21

    From Chris Donovan, Area II Young Rider Coordinator:

    "YR Memberships with the usea have been confirmed for those 21 and under. For those competing at the first YTC - Please remember to do your FEI entry on the USEF website, (free) as well as the national entry form, where you pay.  On your entry and/or stabling, please leave them a note that states "Area 2 YTC candidate".This helps everyone know. (Organizer, event secretary, stabling manager, Young Rider coordinator.)

    On the Facebook/Young Riders page, we posted some links to articles which include Equiratings information you may find useful to evaluate your performance. These are the articles published by the USEA "How Strong is Your (Beginner Novice/Novice/Training/Preliminary) Game". All have been posted at the Facebook page.

    Here at the site, if you navigate to the upper right on this page, under YR Forms, there is a detailed list of the Area II selection criteria published in the documents all dated 2021.  We are now working on the ratings, so the above information will help you understand the methodology.

    Here is the 2/18/21 comprehensive list.

     If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me." ~ Chris
  • Updated List - IEL/Yrap riders as of 2/11/21

    Below is the Roster I will be submitting for Area 2 - YRAP team, please confirm the accuracy of the list, and let me know if you are opting out.  

    All other teams with YR Program members, are listed below.   If you are not listed against the correct team please let me know ASAP.  The first IEL team competition is this weekend in Ocala!
    Please note:
    1. These lists only include Area 2 YR members, you may have people on your team who are not program members and therefore do not show up on my lists.
    2. Your  "Team Representative" needs to send the organizer your team list for each competition.  For the Area 2 - YRAP that's me.  Please make sure you know whom is your Team Representative.
    3. It's not too late to create another team for your Pony Club, Barn, best friends, trainer etc.  Please do submit the Team Affiliate form before 2/15.  The rosters can be later, but the Affiliate list they want tightened up ASAP.
    4. Any coloring of your name is meaningless.
    IEL Team First Name Last Name USEA ID
    Area 2- YRAP Emma  Anderson 198242
    Area 2- YRAP Liana  Anson 196290
    Area 2- YRAP Morgan Appel 204570
    Area 2- YRAP Grace Baierl 186425
    Area 2- YRAP Johari Baschnagel 190401
    Area 2- YRAP Michael Baugh 202845
    Area 2- YRAP Isabel Beard 177292
    Area 2- YRAP Isabella Beddow 201065
    Area 2- YRAP Sarah Bernat 178456
    Area 2- YRAP Nicholas Beshear 166947
    Area 2- YRAP Jane Biddle 175521
    Area 2- YRAP Clare Brady 197260
    Area 2- YRAP Ella  Braundel 170604
    Area 2- YRAP Macie Brock 202772
    Area 2- YRAP Katie Bromley 200024
    Area 2- YRAP Emma  Brooks 206417
    Area 2- YRAP Caroline Brown 193488
    Area 2- YRAP Gabrielle Brown 191262
    Area 2- YRAP Mazarine  Bruno 178435
    Area 2- YRAP Maggie Buchanan 163119
    Area 2- YRAP Westley Burchianti 189073
    Area 2- YRAP Sydney Cannon 201910
    Area 2- YRAP Riley Carr 191554
    Area 2- YRAP Aimee Carson 205505
    Area 2- YRAP Juliana Cassar 193953
    Area 2- YRAP Mary-Cooke Catlett 192587
    Area 2- YRAP Meredith Chance 189460
    Area 2- YRAP Willow Chase 208944
    Area 2- YRAP Elle Cooper 205861
    Area 2- YRAP Stephanie Cordell 166208
    Area 2- YRAP Kaelyn Corun 200943
    Area 2- YRAP Madeline Cracknell 190764
    Area 2- YRAP Evelyn Crawford 198696
    Area 2- YRAP Kaylyn  Cunningham 164845
    Area 2- YRAP Katherine Cushing 193775
    Area 2- YRAP Lily Dal Cin 201526
    Area 2- YRAP Zoe Davenport 207641
    Area 2- YRAP Margo Deal 162981
    Area 2- YRAP Darcy Dean 176432
    Area 2- YRAP Aylah Dhruv 195731
    Area 2- YRAP Kathryn Doherty 193532
    Area 2- YRAP Camryn Downey 204798
    Area 2- YRAP Tallulah Drash 193579
    Area 2- YRAP Emily Earhart 197058
    Area 2- YRAP Julianne Elliott 175121
    Area 2- YRAP Gianna Fernandez 162481
    Area 2- YRAP Grace Fiedler 177994
    Area 2- YRAP Silas Flaum 208479
    Area 2- YRAP Abigail  Frank 201772
    Area 2- YRAP Charlotte Garagusi 203213
    Area 2- YRAP PAIGE GEITER 208393
    Area 2- YRAP Faith Genkinger 203530
    Area 2- YRAP Gina Gibbons 208994
    Area 2- YRAP Finley Habenicht 192654
    Area 2- YRAP Maddie Hale 174402
    Area 2- YRAP Sofie Harangozo 162376
    Area 2- YRAP Emma Hayes 204554
    Area 2- YRAP Leah Hiener 174641
    Area 2- YRAP Hallie  Higgs 195967
    Area 2- YRAP Hannah Higgs 195966
    Area 2- YRAP Cameron Hope 206213
    Area 2- YRAP Frances Hope 206182
    Area 2- YRAP Gloria Huber 174591
    Area 2- YRAP olivia Iskra 191124
    Area 2- YRAP Elliot Jacobs 196817
    Area 2- YRAP Alyssa Jastram 208622
    Area 2- YRAP Etta-Meade Jernigan 202906
    Area 2- YRAP Lillian  Kager 165322
    Area 2- YRAP Sophia Kager 153378
    Area 2- YRAP Emma Keahon 156062
    Area 2- YRAP Drew Keiser 188453
    Area 2- YRAP Ariana Keith 198619
    Area 2- YRAP Olivia Kennedy 207678
    Area 2- YRAP Kiera Kenny 170035
    Area 2- YRAP Abby Klaitman 204998
    Area 2- YRAP Alexa Kosofsky 205156
    Area 2- YRAP Noah  Kowalski 208475
    Area 2- YRAP Maya Kozauer 192642
    Area 2- YRAP Rachel Kreiser 203697
    Area 2- YRAP Annabelle Kress 162546
    Area 2- YRAP Izzy Lenk 192644
    Area 2- YRAP Jenna Levesque 198201
    Area 2- YRAP Emma Makovitch 203717
    Area 2- YRAP Sophia Mather 208470
    Area 2- YRAP Abigail Mazzatta 173031
    Area 2- YRAP Juliet Mellwig 197637
    Area 2- YRAP Greer Melville 164891
    Area 2- YRAP Gianna Minghenelli 178326
    Area 2- YRAP Hannah Moon 208761
    Area 2- YRAP Adrianna Moyer 203546
    Area 2- YRAP Lauren Myers 204308
    Area 2- YRAP Grace Mykityshyn 157447
    Area 2- YRAP Rachel  Namrow 198806
    Area 2- YRAP Kylee Narron 195535
    Area 2- YRAP Audrey Ogan 188051
    Area 2- YRAP Chloe Paddack 203372
    Area 2- YRAP Evelyn Parsonage 188621
    Area 2- YRAP Meg Pellegrini 162630
    Area 2- YRAP Viktorija Petraitis 160788
    Area 2- YRAP Lainey Phillips 177467
    Area 2- YRAP James Power 204512
    Area 2- YRAP Maggie Proffitt 169288
    Area 2- YRAP Ava Raiser 164904
    Area 2- YRAP Paige Ramsey 191715
    Area 2- YRAP Ashley Redman 200167
    Area 2- YRAP Lila Rhodes 203212
    Area 2- YRAP Ryan Russell 170811
    Area 2- YRAP Anneke Scace 203187
    Area 2- YRAP Veronica Scansaroli 204635
    Area 2- YRAP Fenya Siepser 197385
    Area 2- YRAP Madi Simpson 190971
    Area 2- YRAP Zoie Sitton 207925
    Area 2- YRAP Grace Spencer 206092
    Area 2- YRAP Johannah Stahl 163044
    Area 2- YRAP Noah Stanlaske 196958
    Area 2- YRAP Noah Stanlaske 196958
    Area 2- YRAP Elle Stephenson 200820
    Area 2- YRAP Rylee Tipton 206247
    Area 2- YRAP Claire Wheeler 156978
    Area 2- YRAP Emma Wick 194453
    Area 2- YRAP Sarah Wilson 208748
    Area 2- YRAP Gretchen Wolfe 199928
    Area 2- YRAP Kirsten Wood 204301
    ASGO Olivia Devening 177447
    CSI Eventing Brynne McIntyre 196866
    CSI Eventing Isabella Quill 199658
    CSI Eventing Emily Warren 200400
    Eternal Atake Madison Chisholm 170777
    Eternal Atake Emeline Gilbert 167702
    Eternal Atake Caitlin  O'Roark 177863
    Eternal Atake Dylan  Philipps 157018
    Full Moon Farm Elizabeth Burns 204906
    Full Moon Farm Virginia Burns 191967
    Full Moon Farm Carla Lindsay 199385
    Full Moon Farm Payton  Myers 193278
    Full Moon Farm Rina Naganna 209231
    Fylicia Barr Eventing Lucinda  Donaldson 191518
    Fylicia Barr Eventing Rylie Nelson 199555
    Fylicia Barr Eventing Will Rowland 170853
    Good Counsel Eventing Farm Addison Kasley 172200
    Good Counsel Eventing Farm Emerson Kasley 198630
    Good Counsel Eventing Farm Claire Shioutakon 198852
    Iron Bridge Hounds Pony Club Emma Burk 196934
    Iron Bridge Hounds Pony Club Carlin Keefe 190701
    Jill Thomas Eventing Ashley Cosenza 199682
    Jill Thomas Eventing Megan Hopkins 201780
    Jill Thomas Eventing Erin Mullin 208568
    KEC Event Team Jana Skowvron 208875
    Out of the Box Alyssa Bortner 190034
    Out of the Box Isabella Craft 197259
    Out of the Box Jillian Dean 191340
    Out of the Box Gretel Frew 189443
    Out of the Box Delaney O'Neil 163524
    Out of the Box Grace Turjan 208454
  • Young Riders 2020 May Update

    Notes from the YR conference call with Area II Coordinator Chris Donovan, 5/7/20
    The Area II Young Riders championship will be at Hagyard Mid South Three Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY., Oct. 14-18.  Qualifying for the divisions held there will be along the normal qualifications for the divisions, which would be softer than those of an FEI YR championship.   Areas 1,2,3 and 8 will be at Mid South to compete and all young riders will be on teams, without discretion/choosing - so if you go, you will be on a team. It will be a festival atmosphere with awards, so not an FEI championship but special. (For more info:  and last year's program will give you an idea of how this competition takes place:
    The 2021 YR championship is TBD. The age change is being discussed but the YR European Championships is the oldest and longest running and they are not changing from age 18.
    The AEC's are still planning on being held, also at Kentucky at the end of August. There will be "Interscholastic" team awards.  In the intermediate championship division there will be YR awards as well. If there are enough entries this division may be split.  There is already a Preliminary YR championship division.
    The Summer WoW camp is possibly going to be held at Tryon (TIEC) late July or early August depending upon NC regulations, and may be held jointly with Area 3. This facility has loads of stabling, many jumps, the World Games course, lots of arenas and housing on site so will be a beautiful place to hold the camp. As soon as details can be confirmed we will publicize.
    All funds raised for NAYC are in the account now which is frozen by the USEA and cannot be spent at this time. Further info will be forthcoming.
    Chris reminded all that the USEF was emphasizing that horse sports are not looked upon by some as important, and to be graceful to those who do not feel the way we do about horses and riding. 
    The next meeting will be Thursday, June 4, 2020 by Zoom, look for the email from Chris with the link.

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Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

Madison Keen and her 22 year old draft cross, Stella, running training at Fall Morven Park Horse Trials. @mvk.eventing

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