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  • 2022 Area II Year End Awards - Scores to Date

    Many thanks to all who participated this year. We appreciate each, and every one of you!

    Our Year End awards are based on EXCELLENCE. Your average score, generated from your four best scores over the season, is your final score. Those who volunteer or participate with a completion in a Classic Three-day event will receive bonus deductions. Remember, you must have 3 or more scores to receive a year end award. For complete information on how we calculate year end award standings, please see the Rules linked here.  YEA Rules

  • 2023 Year End Awards: Update 5/18/23

    Results are now on the spreadsheet as of Plantation Field, 5/13/23.

    Note that some scores are out of order, we are working to fix that.

    Link to YEA Scores spreadsheet:  (We no longer count points, the verbage in the links will be fixed once the website is updated later this year.)

    Link to Year End Awards registration:

    Link to Year End Awards rules pdf:

  • Area II Season Update

    Area II bragging rights: The world's newest 5-star event, the Maryland 5-Star held at Fair Hill NRMA in Elkton, MD., took place last weekend and the winner was Boyd Martin on On Cue, from Cochranville, PA., keeping it all in the area! We are all very proud of Boyd and his program, his supporters and owners, and of course, hundreds of Area II volunteers who worked for this event. It was live streamed all over the world and had six overseas competitors attend. (See stories and results at the USEA website, The Chronicle of the Horse, and watch video at the USEF Network for more on this exciting competition.)

    The Area II Championships were held at the Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy on Oct. 1-2, and a wrap up of this competition is coming! We had a beautiful new trophy to award to the winning Junior Training rider and horse courtesy of the familes who loved Cadenza Aria. Pictures soon!

    The Young Event Horse eastern championships were also held last week (Oct. 14-15) at Fair Hill. This wraps up the Young Event Horse competition for the year, and the Future Event Horse championships were completed in September.

    Our newest year end awards in 2021 included both Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse categories, based on average scores and we are pleased to ANNOUNCE the following Area II Year End Award winners for Future Event Horse and Young Event Horse: (winners with a minimum 3 competition scores). Awards will be given at our annual Area II awards ceremony, but we can announce the winners now! Here they are:

    2021 Area II Year End Awards of Excellence - Future Event Horse

    1. Utah Beach (G., 2019) (79.6 ave.) (3 competitions) owner Monica Fiss

    2. Okie Brown (G., 2018) (76.29 ave.) (3 competitions) owner Angela Bailey

    3. Lady Leia (M., 2018) 76.55 (2 competitions) owner Cynthia Gartrell

    4. Another Yes (M., 2018) 80.0 (1 competition) owner Tracy Wagner

    2021 Area II Year End Awards of Excellence - Young Event Horse

    1. Archelos, (74.75) (2 competitions) owner Rebecca Lee

    2. Accordingly, Cynthia Sansone (0) no competitions

    The last three events for Area II year end awards are Waredaca Horse Trials/Classic Three Day Events Oct. 22-23, Virginia Horse Trials, Oct. 28-31, and Full Moon Farm horse trials Nov. 7. (While Tryon International 3-Day Event is the final event of the Area II season, it has only FEI divisions this year.) As per the rules all year end award winners will have a short period after Full Moon, to check points and make corrections known to the Pointskeeper Seanna/Awards chair Holly. We will have news about Year End Awards of Excellence and the Area II annual meeting coming soon. The Year End Awards scoring can be seen at the Tableau here. Once again, please check your scores and submit any discrepancies to us immediately for correction.

    Our Area II Adult Riders will plan a Team competition at VAHT along with the Interscholastic Teams, please make sure you are signed up for a team if you enter. This is a fun teams event for all!

    Young Riders/YTC final will be held at Tryon International Three Day Event Nov. 10-14, and YR Coordinator Chris Donovan is hard at work helping our Young Rider teams at the various levels enjoy the team experience in what has been an exciting year in this newly developed program. More on the YTC after Tryon!

    Annual Area II Meeting/Awards will be announced shortly. 

  • Area II Year End Awards - May 2023 Update

    Registrations are rolling in! Thank you to everyone who has registered so far - don't forget, it's not an automatic signup. If you are already a USEA member, a Young Rider member or Adult Rider member, you must register separately for the Area II Year End Awards. We give lovely trophies in many categories! We have special awards for Irish, Thoroughbred, and Arab/Part-Arab event horses; reward our Master Riders; and give out lots of ribbons!

    Link to registration

    The fee is just $25 for each horse/rider combination. Please be sure your numbers, etc. are correct, as we can't find you in the USEA results database if a number isn't right and we cannot correct the form post-registration. Many thanks to Kara Googins and Leah Zabarenko for assisting with the spreadsheet set up for score keeping this year! The DEADLINE for registration is August 1, and the fee doubles after. Here are the 2023 Year End Awards rules

    We will post the first scores spreadsheet later this week. Please check for errors - if you are not listed but have registered and paid your YEA fee, please send me an email. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). The results will be current up to April 21, 2023. We hope to post and update the spreadsheet each month.

  • Final Score Date: Nov. 26

    2023: Area II Year End Awards
    The last event of our year - Full Moon Farms fall horse trials - is completed! So now it's time to finalize our year end awards standings.
    Scores will be official as of Nov. 26. Now is the time to check your scores and volunteer hours in the spreadsheet. Let us know of any discrepancies you see! Remember, all scores can only come from Area II events (the AEC's are not in Area II). Email Holly at eventhorse at with any questions.
    The annual banquet date has not yet been set, stay tuned for location/date.
  • Update: 2023 Area II Year End Awards! Check your scores now

    November 8, 2023:

    All 2023 Area II Year End Awards registrants, now is the time to check your scores, re-visit the Area II Year End Award Rules, and sign up for your last chance at the Volunteer Deduction! The last event of the 2023 season is this weekend at Full Moon Farm, Finksburg, MD. Remember, once the results are official at the USEA database, we will take a few days to completely post scores. If you find a discrepancy, it must be brought to our attention BEFORE the end of the 10-day finding period, (as per the rules) which will be posted, but should be on or around Thanksgiving week. A reminder that the Classic and Volunteer deduction of 0.5 each will be applied to those who have earned them as soon as we finalize the score average. (It's a bit problematic to deduct them before all corrections to the official averages are completed.) The spreadsheet will remain LIVE, but a reminder that it will not be FINAL with all deductions, etc., untll the date posted.

    Best of luck to all! Spreadsheet | Rules 


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Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

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