• Area II Dominates Interscholastic League

    The USEA has created the National Interscholastic Leaderboard to highlight the achievements of our high school members.  To be part of the leaderboard you must be on an Affiliate's Roster. If a rider is in the Area 2 Young Rider program, Chris can put you on the Area 2 Developing Riders roster.  Riders can also create your own Affiliate (team) with your trainer, pony club, or group of friends.  To create an Affiliate see:

    To see the full leaderboards go to the home page and look at the 2023 leaderboards.

  • IEL Team Challenge from Waredaca

    Congratulations to the East Coast Eventers for winning the first IE challenge in Area II. If you are a high school student and not on a team, please reach out to Chris Donovan, so we can figure out how to get you on one. The National IEL leaderboard is updated at the end of each week. You can find the 2023 leaderboards on For a link to the results:$LGVBuh__PYQ== 

  • The Interscholastic Eventing League: 2022 Area II Team Winners

    Here is the Year Area 2 Leaderboard Results for IEL.  We will recognize these teams at the Area 2 Annual Meeting.  I want to encourage you to renew for 2023 as a great way to promote your training program.

    Ranking Team Name
    Sum Top 6 Points Seasonal Average Team Score
    1 Full Moon Farm 560 106.1
    2 A2 DR Program - Declared 560 109.0
    3 Good Council 340  
    4 Cooraclare 260 114.2
    5 Jill Thomas Eventing 260 137.3
    6 Wilmerding Equestrian 220  
    7 Fylicia Barr Eventing 200  
    8 ASGO 180  
    9 Flying Potatoes 60  
    10 Kat Chadderton Eventing 10  


    We had a great discussion about three main topics at the USEA Annual Meeting in Savannah today. We covered:1. 2024 IEL Championships  2. Creation of a National IEL Team Leaderboard  3. How to promote and grow the program

    NOW is the time to register your Team! For 2023 the cost to register your IEL is $75.00; there is no additional fees to your team riders to participate on your IEL team.  These funds will be used by the National Office to automate IEL administration, create a leaderboard, and fund awards  for the IEL championships. Please see the following documents - the 2023 IEL application and the team roster template. Please use this template when submitting your team (affiliate) member list. Your application can be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Cindy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Either will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. -- Chris Donovan, Area 2 IEL Coordinator (by the way if there is anyone in Area 2 wishing to assist with this program, please contact Chris to help.)

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2022 Year End Champions

2022 Year End Champions

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