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  • 2023: IEL Team, YR Update, Fall Event Wrapup

    From Chris Donovan, Area II Young Rider Coordinator/IEL Team Coordinator:

    A reminder that our new year starts December 1st, 2023, and our first activity is Winter WoW Eventing Camp at the Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, VA., from 12/27-30, 2023 (midweek). We have XC fences left out to use (weather permitting) and we will focus some of the lessons on riding terrain, in addition to our usual focus on dressage ring craft, and show jumping in the indoor arena. No worries about the weather -there is a 100% refund if we need to cancel due to winter storms. This camp is open to everyone! (Young Riders, Adults, etc.) All the details can be found on - key search word "WoW" - and please feel free to email with any questions. Here is the link:  
    Event/Teams Report:
    Virginia Horse Center Horse Trials was busy and exciting, with our YR members participating on IEL, Collegiate, and FEI teams. There were also Pony Club awards to the highest place PC'er in each division. The bonfire was moved from Friday to Saturday. The s'mores and stuffed potatoes were a great treat, and we are grateful that VHC hosted such a great party!  We are already looking forward to May, 2024 at VHC. You can find all the team results at:$t_IgmiFYtmMwn5GG_Q==
    There was a single award for the top Collegiate team - Virginia Tech Hokie Hustlers took home a nice set of boots for each of their horses.
    The top 4 Interscholastic Eventing League teams are listed below. The ribbons for these riders will be mailed out this week.
    1st  A2DR Free States team represented by James Power and Riley Zgrebnak in the CCI1-L, Riley Shank, Riley in the JBNR, and Abby Dove in the JTR
    2nd East Coast Eventers ATeam represented by Claire Allen in the CCI1-L, Paige Ramsey in the CCI2-L, Megan Hopkins in the OT-B, and Mia Valdez in the JTR
    3rd A2DR Training Pairs Consisting of Leeci Rowsell and Bella Craft, both with two entries in the JTR division
    4th Bit O Woods traveling down from NJ with Peyton Frankovich inthe JNR-B, Bridget Gower and Avery Moore in the JBNR, and Jessica Francisin the JTR.
    We also had our second YR FEI U25 Team Challenge, the first being at Plantation Field International in September.  We are still working out the kinks on this new program, but you can expect to see more of these for our FEI riders.
  • Area II Dominates Interscholastic League

    The USEA has created the National Interscholastic Leaderboard to highlight the achievements of our high school members.  To be part of the leaderboard you must be on an Affiliate's Roster. If a rider is in the Area 2 Young Rider program, Chris can put you on the Area 2 Developing Riders roster.  Riders can also create your own Affiliate (team) with your trainer, pony club, or group of friends.  To create an Affiliate see:

    To see the full leaderboards go to the home page and look at the 2023 leaderboards.

  • IEL Teams - 2022

    Please see the article 12/9 on the front page about Chris' report from the 2022 USEA Convention for IEL Teams.

    2023 Team Application (pdf)

    2023 Team Roster (pdf)

  • July Report: IEL Teams, MCTA and MDHT

    High School Team results are below. For USEA Area 2 YRs - please make sure I know you are a raising 7th grade or graduating Sr this year in order to participate on the IEL Area 2 Developing Rider Team. Remember you can also form your OWN Affiliate and create teams of your own!   

    MCTA @ Shawan Downs
    Full Moon Farm                                                                                                                                   S         101.53          1
    Competitor                            Div Scoring             Total Scale Score  
    327      Payton Myers                       TR-B
    Drsg         30.200 Stad 0.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.0 30.20 0.95 28.690  
    382      Jordan Dawson                    OBN-B
    Spring Joy
    Drsg         36.300 Stad 0.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.0 36.30 1.00 36.300  
    265      Virginia Burns                       OM-A Drsg         33.000 Stad 4.0 0.0 XC 0.0 3.6 40.60 0.90 36.540  
    Captain Jack
    Cooraclare Team                                                                                                                                 S         122.15          2
    Competitor                            Div Scoring             Total Scale Score  
    385      Sutton Wetcher                    JOBN
    Good JuJu
    Drsg         28.100 Stad 0.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.0 28.10 1.00 28.100  
    360      Isabella Craft                        JNR
    Classic Endeavor
    Drsg         30.600 Stad 8.0 0.0 XC 0.0 0.8 39.40 0.99 39.006  
    359      Sutton Wetcher                    JNR Drsg         33.600 Stad 4.0 0.0 XC 0.0 18.0 55.60 0.99 55.044  
    Maryland HT International
    Affiliate Name Participant Class/Division Individual Final Score Co-efficient Final Team Place
    A2 Developing Riders - A Samantha Homeyer TR 35 0.95 33.3 99.6 1
    A2 Developing Riders - A Hannah Leeds JBN 31.1 1 31.1
    A2 Developing Riders - A Macie Brock OBN 67.8 1 67.8
    A2 Developing Riders - A Samantha Homeyer CCI1-S 41.5 0.85 35.3
    FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Emma Bomse JON 39.1 0.99 38.7 108.3 2
    FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Payton  Myers JOT 34 0.95 32.3
    FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Lucinda  Donaldson JON 37.7 0.99 37.3
    FMF/Barr/Thomas Scramble Berkley Gardner MR 55 0.9 49.5
    A2 Developing Riders - B Ava Wehrs JON 56.1 0.99 55.5 113.1 3
    A2 Developing Riders - B Daisy Shumaker JON 37.5 0.99 37.1
    A2 Developing Riders - B Bailey Kent JON 27.9 0.99 27.6
    A2 Developing Riders - B Samantha Cecil JON 48.8 0.99 48.3
    A2 Developing Riders - C Aimee Carson NR 32.5 0.99 32.2 118.2 4
    A2 Developing Riders - C Lily Kratz NR E 0.99 1000.0
    A2 Developing Riders - C Caitlin  O'Roark OP 56 0.85 47.6
    A2 Developing Riders - C Izzy Lenk JOT 40.4 0.95 38.4
    A2 Developing Riders - D Emma Wick CCI1-S 44.9 0.85 38.2 127.9 5
    A2 Developing Riders - D Grace Mykityshyn CCI2-S 67.9 0.8 54.3
    A2 Developing Riders - D Addison Orengo JON 35.8 0.99 35.4

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Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

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