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  • 2022 Young Riders Program Ramping Up - February Notes From Chris Donovan, AR2 YR Coordinator

    February, 2022 - From AR2 YR Coordinator Chris Donovan:

    Please note the 2022 schedule (posted in YR Forms, 2022 folder). It will be a busy year assuming we keep Covid at bay. Some reminders for February:

  • 2023 Young Riders Schedule Announced

    The annual schedule is also a program outline. If you have questions about the Area II Young Riders Program, this is the document you need!
    Chris Donovan, the Area II Young Rider Coordinator, has developed this outline to help introduce our program for anyone interested - young riders, their trainers and coaches, parents, etc.
    Please DOWNLOAD and SAVE for the 2023 season, and give the link to your parents and coach!
    Please access the 2023 schedule here: https://usea2.net/forms/yr-forms/2023-forms
    Bookmark the Documents folder at this website - documents needed by Young Riders, or sent through the email list, will be posted here promptly after publication.

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