Classic Three-Day Events

Below is a letter we received after this year's Training 3-Day. We hope lots of you will plan to attend next year. The big new is...

stephen bradley is thrilled to be back next year as the Waredaca T3D lead clinician!

Here is the letter from Michelle Gargiulo about her T3D weekend:

"Dear Gretchen,

I wanted to write this to you before too much time goes by and it slips my mind... as I quickly get pulled back to the reality that I have a "real job"... so now for the next few months as I wait for the 2012 season to begin, I can day dream out my office window remembering the season just past and the fantastic time I had at the T3D - which was the "close" of my season.  I couldn't have imagined a better way to end the year.

This was my first time competing at a long format event... and what a blast!
There were of course the nerves and anxiety of competing; but somehow, the event felt a bit like being at "camp"... it brought back some PC memories for me.  Your orgainizers and staff made the entire experience so much fun, and so educational; I never felt like I was asking a "dumb" question; and there was a true sense of comradory amongst the competitors; I really felt like everyone was rooting for eachother.

Please also pass along to the "Cindy's" how wonderful they were... they really helped take the edge off with their knowledge and availability to answer questions; and Dr. Julie; one of the nicest vets I think I've ever had the pleasure of meeting; I hope to see her next year as a fellow competitor.

I also now feel a lot more confident about a plan to move up to prelim next year; my horse came off of steeple chase feeling like superman... and who knew that my half "dumbblood" would win "best conditioned" amongst a bunch of TB's... which has given me the confidence that my fitness plan is on track for a move up.

I hope Waredaca continues to sponsor the long format for years to come - it is such a great experience for us AA's and "lower" level riders and preparation for the big jump up to Prelim.  I've already got my calendar marked and vaca planned to come next year!

Thanks so much again!  Now April hurry up and get here!

Michelle Gargiulo"

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Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

Berkley Gardner and Aristocrat- 2022 area 2 Modified Division Champions!

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