Year End Awards

The 2021 Year End Awards sign up form is now ready! We are awaiting approval from the Area II Council to formalize rules. What stays the same: High Average scores (just like the Packy McGaughan Awards of Excellence from 2020). 

What changes? We are hopeful a full season can be completed, so will go with minimum of 6 events used for best averages; The volunteer requirement has been changed (more details coming); we have now added FEH, YEH, and NEH divisions; and there is now ONE fee per horse/rider combination, no need to pay additional for more levels. All events count that you attend that have results in the USEA database for Area II events this year, no matter when you sign up, but there is a deadline of August 1, 2021 for the $25 fee; it doubles to $50 until October 10, 2021, which is the last available day to register for Area II year end awards. Payment must be made at time of registration via PayPal. (There are no printout forms - all registration must be online.) Rules will be posted soon.

Register Online: