Year End Awards

Tully Cross Hamish, Holly Covey

OT trophyThe Fozzy Bear Memorial Trophy Sponsored by Michele Lobsinger & Wendy Bebie Previous Winners

2018: Redshift, Heidi Robertson

2017: Lotte Lenya Q, Christina McKitrick
 Cat In The Hat, Denise Connolly
2015: DaVinci, Deanna Burke
2014: Moycullen, Susie Beale
2013: Blue Moon Alibi, Molly Matthews
2012: Cat In The Hat, Denise Connelly
2011: Chub Cay, Vicki Reynolds
2010: Sudden Eclipse, Dawn Beach
2009: Rugby II, Holly Covey
2008: Who’s A Star, Courtney Cooper
2007: Noblesse Oblige, Ashley Beheler