Year End Awards

The Rigel Perpetual Trophy
Sponsored by A Friend of Area II

Wapiti Byrd, Jodie Potts

Previous Winners

2017: Flying Candles, Cindy Buchanon
 Calero, Wendy Bebie
2015: Calero, Wendy Bebie
2014: Calero, Wendy Bebie
2013: Aphrodite, Sandy McCormack
2012: Sempre Fino, Kelly Beaver
2011: Aphrodite, Sandy McCormack
2010: Mick Dreamy, Ann Baumgardner
2009: The Shaq Attack, Erica Davis
2008: Hoover, Wendy Bebie
2007: Flash Point, Duncan MacRae
2006: Caledonia, Mary Clare
2005: Tonka Toy, Alfred Rayne
2004: Oliver Twist, Ashley Donayre
2003: Cassies Shot, Lisa Stare
2002: Phoenix, Wendy Bebie
2001: Phoenix, Wendy Bebie

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Lulu Malinoski

Lulu Malinoski   photo credit: Swigs Photography

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