Seven is a 14 yr old TB mare. This is a once in a lifetime mare! She is kind, respectful and athletic in every way.

When I purchased Seven in 2010 she was six years old and competing at training level events and schooling preliminary. Seven would be perfect for a lower-level event or dressage horse. She has all of the background training, she just needs someone to put more time into her then I have available to give. She needs a rider who is confident, who has an independent seat and light hands. Depending on ability of the rider, I would prefer for them to be in a regular lesson program with a respectable trainer.

Seven loves working, whether it be lateral work in the arena, jumping a round of stadium courses or hacking out in the woods, she is always game for a fun ride! I have never seen her once kick out or bite another horse. She is always aware of exactly where her person is, on or off the ground. She is truly a kind mare.

Unfortunately, as I go off to graduate school with l


Kristen Gore
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