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Expert Days at Waredaca

waredaca logoWhat an easy and convenient opportunity to ride regularly with any of these experts at a great facility like Waredaca!! Plan your schedule now and stay tuned to the Waredaca website for updates and all the details! FYI--Mara will begin her Dressage Expert Days in April too!

Early 2013 Expert Days:

C Square Farm presents Adult Riders Equine Seminars


C Square Farm and Courtney Cooper present Adult Riders Equine Seminars

Looking to learn about horses and have fun? Do you already own a horse but want to expand your knowledge? Or do you have a child who rides and you want to understand better what they are talking about?

Courtney Cooper, Advanced Event Rider of C Square Farm, will now be offering weekly Equine Seminars at her farm in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. Come to C Square Farm after you drop your kids off at school and be done in time to pick them up! Your schedule will start at 9am and run until 1pm. This will include a semi-private or group mounted lesson (your horse or ours), a group unmounted session, and lunch.

Lecture topics to include: 

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