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$25 Gift Certificate to Antique Horsology
05-10-2018 20:00

31218567 834019353462668 7086221363850081407 nAntique Horsology gift certificate value $25! Located in the antique emporium at the corner of Routes 41 and Routes 10 in Cochranville, PA - around the corner from Chester County Horse Country. Did you drive hours to school cross-country at Windurra, but forget your flyspray? Maybe you have to get a nice gift for your Mom for Mother's Day, but she's allergic to flowers. In any case, Antique Horsology has your back - all in one visit! Not only essentials for local horse people, like grooming tools, products for horses, and neat stuff, but good quality used tack, and special equine related antiques and collectibles - you have to visit to see everything at Antique Horsology, it's really special. This gift certificate is offered with minimum $50.00 purchase, and your shopping experience will be personally assisted by owner Mary Grace! Follow Antique Horsology is at https://www.facebook.com/diggingfortreasures/


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