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ProChaps Black Leather Half Chaps plus Gloves
05-10-2018 20:00


ProChaps Fit black leather half chaps in X-Small calf, 15-in. height. ProChaps FIT has the versatility for all types of riders and all forms of equestrian activities.  The unique design transitions smoothly over any pair of boots from paddock to hiking, and is great for those bulky winter boots.  Because it is designed with neoprene panels, the FIT chaps can go over jeans, breeches or winter fleece – and will not stretch or change over time.   The anti-rub strip at the back of the knee provides perfect comfort the first time, eliminating the “break-in” period
Designed with neoprene panels and proprietary system to guarantee a perfect fit
Convenient full-length side zipper
Premium leather ensures immediate comfort
Cambrelle™ lining maintains the shape and structure, so chap never slides down leg 
Waterproof leather keeps leg dry
Anti-ammonia galvanized straps under the boots ensures durability
Proprietary in-lock zipper resist unzipping


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